[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #112 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Karnataka Home State, Reading Hobby

Date of Interview: 17 Feb 2023 afternoon, Session last lion 🦁 to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Home State: Karnataka
Background:  B.com (Rani channamma University belagavi)
Hobby: Reading k p poornachandra tejasvi books on hunting man eaters (translation of Kenneth Anderson’s books)
Medium of interview- Hindi
asked questions in both Hindi and English
iss text ko padneke baad
bhool jaavoge rehnedo


  1. Do you want to interact in hindi ?
  2. Why do you opted hindi asmedium of communication in personality Test?
  3. why not your mother tongue?
  4. Based on which region these books are written?(hobby)
  5. whatever written in these books are just stories or based on real Experience?(in previous answer I referred these experience based books as stories)
  6. Mam _Then don’t call them as stories (I was like bhari galti Ho gayi sarkar😀) these books are written in Hindi or Kannada.
  7. in the context of man animal
  8. Conflict. who is aggressor? man or Tiger.

Member 1

  1. There is rising law and order issue in Karnataka. What is your view?
  2. Communal violence in coastal region of Karnataka. What can be done?
  3. Why IT industry have strong presence in Karnataka?
  4. Is environment may be a reason?
  5. Application of information technology in maintaining law and order.

Member 2

  1. Is it temple ?(referring to my name)
  2. Where this temple is located?
  3. Who was father of k p poornachandra tejasvi? (daf) (answer is kuvempu)
  4. Who was kuvempu?
  5. What is the Philosophy of kuvempu ?
  6. Vishwa maanav philosophy of kuvempu
  7. Comparison between kuvempu and ravindranath Tagore.
  8. Famous historical place in belagavi.
  9. Who was kittur Rani channamma?
  10. Comparison between Rani channamma and jhansi raani laxmibai.
  11. Can you tell me the person who born on 15 August and died on 26 January ?(related to previous question) (answer is sangolli rayanna)
  12. Contribution of sangolli rayanna.(based on previous answer)
  13. Tell me about coorg region of Karnataka.
  14. Tell me any other famous personality of coorg region other than field marshal k m cariappa.(based on previous answer)

Member 3

  1. What is corporate governance?
  2. Can you tell me the name of the company which is recently in news related to Adani issue?
  3. Our economy is strong. But why it is very much vulnerable to external aspects like Hindenburg report?
  4. There is famous book called man eaters of ………
  5. Who wrote that book? (based on previous answer)
  6. Have you read that book?

Member 4

  1. What is GDP and GNP?
  2. comparison between Indian and American GDP and GNP .in both context which is more and which is less?
  3. What are the political and economical implications on china with respect to the economic crises in Sri Lanka and Pakistan?

Experience _very cordial
Mocks _ helps in reducing anxiety and don’t take their feedback seriously if you feel there is scope for improvement then only work on that
One on one mock with Vinay sir helped.
All the best

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