[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #113 : M Sathiyavathy Board, sociology Optional, Gujarat Home State, Garba Hobby

Date of Interview: 16.02.23 Afternoon session
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: Computer Application
Optional: sociology
Home State: Gujarat
work experience: management in Airconditioner company for many years
Hobby: Garba


1. Tell me what is your life story
2. when you decided to join civil services
3. what is your work experience
4. what are you doing since 2019
5. how are you sustaining your self during preparation?
6. how can we increase women participation in education, political and administation sphere ?
7. increasing women marriage age decision is good or not ?
8. how it will help to women ?
9. what is Total fertility rate ?
10. what is total replacement rate ?

Member 1

1. cyber crimes meaning
2. social crimes and cyber crimes linkages
3. how to prevent cyber crimes in india ?
4. Gujarat being a coastal state, what are resources of Gujarat

Member 2

1. what was the matter this year during garba festival ( Navratri)
i said i am not aware about it
again he asked then u should remain aware about this
i again said sorry sir
Then he asked suppose during any festival in india if one religious group is restricted to perform or participate in another religious festival, is it good for society or not ?

but satyawati mam stopped him that leave this matter🙄

Member 3

1. How can we promote small industries, MSMEs, Startups ?
2. how will you promote marketing ? bcz i mentioned marketing in previous answer
3. if any disease or pandemic situation happens again what will be your preventive steps ?
4. you are very inspirational personality and role model for many girls but tell me who is your role model ?

Member 4

1. you mentioned gujarat resources but you are missing one resource which is connected to Our national freedom struggle. i was thinking about 3-4 seconds then i smiled and i said Salt he said correct 😅
2. which gas is being used in airconditioners ?
3. How it works in Acs ? then he said you are sociology student let me ask some questions about it
4. What is middle in middle ?😅
5. What is better Nature or nurture ? Then satyawati mam said thank you your interview is over all the best beta 😊
It was lifetime opportunity for me
great experience

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