[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #114 : RN Choubey  Board, History Optional

Board: RN Choubey 
Duration –14-15 minutes
Background: Chemical engineering
No questions asked from daf😂😂


  1. no question asked

Member 1

  1. Nalanda, takshila, vikramshila universities at ancient times their importance and current status
  2. agniveer scheme…pro….and concerns….any suggestions
  3. operation Rahat….why India help turkey….bz turkey support Pakistan and it raises Kashmir issues in international platform…

Member 2

  1. Industrial effluents….how we treat them
  2. carrying capacity of silishede lake in Alwar

Member 3

  1. india’s neighbourhood policy….china dominance on Indian Ocean…..
  2. short seller??

Member 4

  1. rte act….any suggestions to improve quality education for poor peoples
  2. 2-rman – thank you…if u want ask anything else…i said no sir

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