[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #116 : Gen, Raj Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, Maharashtra Home State

Date of Interview: 30th January 2023
Board: Gen, Raj Shukla
Home State: Maharashtra
Background: Mechanical engineering
Optional: PSIR


1. What are you doing since your graduation?
2. Potential of space sector in India
3. Who launched first private Rocket in India
4 difference between private space tech company and ISRO
5 how can we leverage private sector in space?
6 Tell me something about Pune?
7. Compare Pune with Bangalore
8 After retirement where should I settle Pune or Bangalore?
9. Which city has higher potential with respect to ESDM sector

Member 1

1. Special about Pune municipal corporation
2. How can we increase people participation in municipal working
3. Statutory provisions with respect to town planning
4. GI tags in Pune district
5. What can I expect to see  culturally in Pune
6. Specific about Aga Khan palace in Pune

Member 2

1. president’s speech about prison
2. Should we increase or decrease prisons in India
3. Should we reduce coverage under NFSA2013
4. NFSA shows our failure or success?
5. Issues with respect to social security cover in India

Member 3

1. Guest in republic day ceremony
2. India Egypt relationship
3. Defence equipment Egypt interested in buying from India
4 specifications of TEJAS LCA
5. India Russia relationship
6 is it transactional or emotional
7. How to leverage potential in relationship
8. Differences between strategic autonomy and non alignment
9. Turkey’s non aligned policy in Ukraine conflict
10. Why India calls Ukraine conflict and not war officially

Member 4

1. Green Blue gray hydrogen
2. Sector where we utilise hydrogen
3. Issue with respect to it
4. Types of turbines (mech engg)
5. Uniqueness of India’s climate change policies

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