[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #118 : M Sathiyavathy Board, History Optional, Rajasthan Home State,

Date of Interview: 8 Feb 2023, afternoon session, fifth number to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Optional: History
Background: MBBS
Home State: Rajasthan
Profession: Working as a doctor
Hobbies: movies, web series, travelling


1 what is Industrial health
2 name of disease related to occupational health
3 what is ergonomic related disease
4 what occupational health related challenges faced by police due to prolong standing job
5 what is varicose vain( key words from previous question)
6 treatment of varicose vein
7 occupational health Saftey code discuss
8 name of laws incorporated in it

Member 1

1 your job profile
2 why it is called temporary
3 what is medical tourism
4 benefits of India due to medical tourism
5 maximum kha se log aate hai means which country
6 efforts of government for increasing it
7 what major challenges face by medical tourist
8 case study to improve medical tourism
9 motive of India for g20 submit

Member 2

1 why corruption is more in beurocrates should examination system and interview is not efficient
2 case study to prevent corruption among your subordinates
3 3 d technology in movies( I didn’t know)

Member 3

1 why violence occurs on doctors
Is increasing
2 doctor abstenstism in phc and reason of it,
3 as a CMO how to solution this problem and discussion on issue related to it

Member 4

1 history written is accurate or not
2 how to overcome this problem
3 as a dm how you suggest for measures to taken for include local leaders in syllabus which was not included yet
4 reason for low female literacy in Rajasthan
5 female feticide in Rajasthan
6 water quality indicator as a doctor what should be check
7 in your area how to check these indicators

SATHIYAVATHY ma’am said thank you , your interview is over

Interview experience: overall 25 to 30 minutes , mostly questions were from DAF and opinion based
Utility of mock: boosted confidence and guide us which area should be focused

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