[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #12 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Law Optional,

Date of Interview: 1/02/2023 afternoon session.
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: Biomedical science
Optional: law.
Profession: Deputy jailor.
Hobbies: feeding stray animals, mimicking Bollywood artists.

As usual start by ma’am reading daf to all members.


  1. Explain ur gap year …..
  2. feeding stray is menace don’t you think so.
    Something continuous random question .
  3. what is open jail. Do u promote it. What is critirea.
  4. Cross question related to open jail only.

Member 1

  1. movie based on jail he asked fortunately i have seen just 3 weeks ago. Do aankhey barah hath so he asked me to explain the content of movie that is based on open jail.
  2. reformative steps related to jail.
  3. kanjhawala case ( i said sorry sir)

Member 2

  1. some procedural law which i said dont know again.
  2. Special status for convicted prison inmates.
  3. Decriminalization of law to reduce burden in jail.

Member 3

  1. molecular biology is future ( biomedical science)
  2. Ur review on India’s stance on Russia Ukraine war.

Member 4

  1. question related to traditional medicine.
  2. Ayush homeopathy what is needed?
  3. Some questions i am forgetting.

Over all cordial environment. Yes i said 3 4 times i don’t know. Even fumbled in some question . However overall very good experience. Don’t think about too much what u haven’t done bcz u never know what question they might ask. Just control the controllables as said by Mahendra singh dhoni i.e daf in our case and 1 newspaper.
Thank you and all d best dosto.

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