[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #120 : Preeti Sudan Board, History Optional, Karnataka Home State, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 13 Feb, 2023 Afternoon
Board: Preeti Sudan
Home State: Karnataka
Background: B.com
Optional: History
Hobbies: Watching different Sports


1. So you are from Karnataka, tell me about your assessment of Karnataka during COVID-19 Pandemic.
2. What lessons can be learnt and be implemented from the Pandemic?
3. You watch multiple sports, which one is your favourite?
4.Which player do you like and why?
5.Why do you like Test Matches (Cricket) more?
6. How sports will help you in administration?

Member 1

1. Last year Karnataka was in news for not much of a good reason. Tell me about the Issue and your opinion on it.
2. Last monsoon certain parts of Bangalore got flooded. What is your views on this.
3. What measures are needed to stop this ?
4. If you are an administrator in Karnataka, tell me the 3 top most areas of your priority to work.

Member 2

(was not satisfied with my answers)
1. What are the different types of government companies?
2. What is a government company?
3. What is a corporate company
4. What is a private limited company?
5. What are different types of taxes? Name them
6. How do you name our country’s economy, there are different economies like US and Russia?
7. Why LPG reforms were introduced?
8. Whom did LPG reforms help – Government, People or Corporates?

Member 3

1. There is a lot of importance being given to coastal security, why?
2. What are the issues in providing coastal security?
3. There are divisions in coastal waters. Can you name them.
4. What are the differences between these divisions?
5. In border areas there are fencing, but it is not everywhere. What do you think are the reasons for this?
6. So, name the places where there is fencing and where there is no fencing?
7. Which countries share land border with India?
8. Which countries share water boundaries with India?

Member 4

1. You have got good marks in 10th , but why did you not choose science but chose commerce?
2. Why History as a subject with commerce subjects? (My combination was HEBA in commerce)
3. What are the contributions of Chalukyas in Art and architecture?
4. What are the contributions of Vijayanagara in Art and architecture?
5. Tell about the battles that took place at Plassey and their impact?
6. What are derivatives? Name some
7. How is a mutual fund valued ?
8. Who are the regulators in financial markets in India?
9. If there is any dispute between stock market and financial market, is there any institution which can mediate between them?
10. Recently, there is a fall in stock prices, how do you think it impacts our economy.

Utility of mocks: Just builds confidence. There is a lot of difference between mocks and actual interview as my interview went completely smooth compared to mocks. One question got exactly repeated.

All the best for all candidates.

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