[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #13 : RN Choubey Board, public administration Optional, Maharashtra Home State, Reading, web series Hobbies

Date of Interview: 1st FEB Afternoon 2nd to go
Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: public administration
Background: Computer Engg.
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobbies: Reading non fiction, web series


  1. Briefly tell abt educational b/g nd work experience
  2. Why pubad?
  3. Major internal security challenges India is facing
  4. Should we consider LWE as terrorist
  5. Dhrug abuse in youth – how to handle( said treat them as victims nd then offenders. Then counterquestions based5 on this)

Member 1

  1. What is visual impairment(Written research paper. From DAF)
  2. PwD act. Does visual impairment come under it? What are the criterias for considering VI as disability(DON’T know)
  3. GI(Geographical Indication) tag – what is? Why it’s given? How It’s given i.e process

Member 2

  1. Namibia or zambia is proposing to allow ivory trade coz they have large no. Of Elephants. Do you think it’s justified?
  2. What are intl repurcussions?
    Another Q don’t remember now

Member 3: fully Technical

  1. Chat GPT –
  2.  who introduced
  3. do you think it will overtake existing tech like G assistant
  4. what are issues surrounding it
  5. Cyber security
  6. Explain entire status and challenges in context of India
  7. How to address Cyber security challenges

Member 4

  1. Drug menace in Punjab.
  2. It’s causes and It’s link with Pakistan
  3. Why it’s a major prob there nd why not other border dists
  4. Capital punishment. Lot of delay is happening in disposal of cases(tarikh pe tarikh). Should it be allowed or abolished


  1. from our side it’s over. Do you have anything to say?
  2. Approx time 30 mins
  3. All the best for remaining candidates.
  4. Thank You @⁨IPS Mahesh Bhagwat Sir⁩ sir, @⁨Abhishek Saraf IAS⁩ sir and other community members for guidance.

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