[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #134 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 21.02.2022, 2nd attempt, first interview
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: PSIR
Background: mechanical engineering
Hobby:  NABARD, Non-fiction books, ,


  1. Academic background and work experience ke baare me kuch bataye
    NABARD kab join kiya?
  2. Kya work profile hai NABARD me, little bit explanation.
  3. India ka forex reserve kitna hai?
  4. Who owns forex reserve?
  5. Air India ki deal ka forex reserve me impact ( thodi bahut cross questioning but not grilling)

Member 1

  1. Government ka accounting system ( very random)
  2. Public finance management system kya hai?
  3. DBT se kya samjate hai?
  4. DBT and PFMS me link
  5. more questions but not able to recall

Member 2

  1. Political science ko science kyu kahte hai? ( Psir Optional)
  2. Practice use of political science?
  3. Debt trap of farmers kya hai?
  4. Reasons behind debt trap?
  5. Bank’s se loan lene pe bhi tho debt trap hota hai?
  6. How to make agriculture profitable?

Member 3

  1. I was not able to hear him properly
  2. Marginal farmers ke liye scheme ( he was asking about PM KISAN specifically)
  3. PMJDY yojana kya hai?
  4. Who can open account?
  5. Import pe jo customs duties impose hoti hai unhe kon decide karta hai
  6. Import duty on steel ( random)
  7. Steel ka production India me kitna hai
  8. Which industries provides largest employment?

Member 4

  1. Weaponisation of social media kya hota hai
  2. What can be done to reduce it
  3. Steps taken by govt.
  4. Difference between Blue tick verified account on Twitter and no bule tick account ( i mentioned this in last answer so he asked)
  5. Last book konsi padhi
  6. The author of book belonged to which cadre ( author was IAS officer)
  7. Author ki family me se kisi ne uss book me kuch likha hai kya ( afterword of the book was written by author’s sister)

As usual chobey sir asked, aap kuch share karna chahte ho,
I said vese tho kuch nahi hai share karne ke liye but interview deke bada accha laga.
He said that ok Abhishek your interview is over. All the best you can leave now.

Utility of mock – helps in formal conversation and confidence buliding. No other utility
Board was very cordial. No grilling at all.

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