[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #135 : Gen Raj Shukla Board, Geography Optional, Rajasthan Home State

Date of Interview: 21 Feb 2023
Board: Gen Raj Shukla
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: Geography
Work experience: No
Background: Btech electrical engineering
Hobby: Cricket and music


  1. (while questions he kept smiling .He framed questions in a way they appeared to be statements than questions.Framing answers to those i find challenging)
  2. Why did you choose geography is it scoring or you had genuine interest.
  3. India’s geography tells it is maritime nation but we have ignored maritime sector.
  4. Counter questions on this
  5. China navy superior to us ,we are in no competition. Why Map reading in geography
  6. Caste based reservation right or wrong ? Should we continue after 70 years?
    What should be objective criteria?
  7. Half of world population lives in cities .They are growth promoters but rural population in india is 66% .Where should we focus more Cities or villages?
  8. REcently Commissionerate system is induced in more cities of up , why ? It’s Benefits

Member 1

  1. Why we choose hindi and ignored Sanskrit despite Sanskrit being important langauge
  2. Famous battles of rajasthan
  3. Important warrior of rajasthan
  4. Tell about maharana pratap
  5. Contribution of rajasthan in Army, is there any specific regiment
    Asked name of a general from Rajasthan (didn’t remember)

Member 2

  1. NEP
  2. Should we control population as we will surpass
    China in next few years
  3. Police reforms

Member 3

  1. (very sharp always focused on me.Asked many cross questions.Trying to build pressure and changing my opinion )
  2. About changing name of cities and places,Should we change ?
    If we change name what problem might occur
  3. Why Indore is doing very good as smart city and cities like Lucknow not doing good.
  4. Music quality decline who is responsible the maker or listeners(Hobby)

Member 4

  1. Pm Wani ,How and where internet is being provided by it
  2. Sources of power in developed countries
  3. You are young and administrative job is full of pressure suppose after marriage if your wife is pregnant and critical while you are on duty what will you do?
  4. Your interview is over.
  5. Utility of mock – For a first timer (Me) they help in building confidence to face board .
    few questions from hobby and geography get repeated from mock
  6. I gave 3 – Onlyias , drishti ias ,Nextias
  7. But the way questions are being asked in Upsc and the pressure I felt there I found it different from mock.

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