[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #136 : Gen Raj Shukla Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Sports Hobby

 Date of Interview: 22 Feb, 5th to go
Board: Gen Raj Shukla
Time: 30 -35min
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobby: badminton, egyptology ( questioned asked from these topics)


  1. Gorakhpur se ho. To Yogi ji ke aane ke baad kya badlaav aaya( asked in hindi)
  2. Whats the status of Defence corridor in UP. ( i told where its being made)
  3. How much work is done on it. Long monologue on Lockheed Martin etc etc when they will see the ground reality of UP. They will run away… ( I countered it).
  4. Bulldozer baba. He said he likes this approach. Asked my opinion
  5. If 5 Prime Ministers could not change UP what makes you optimistic that yogi ji will do it.
  6. Farm laws. Most of the experts and economist supported the farm laws but still a majority government has to repeal it. Whats your tale on it.
  7. Counter questions on above like should ordinances be way forward due to public oppostn? Farm reforms are debated simce 3 decade so how can there be lack of communication and awareness among farmers.
  8. Should private players be allowed in agri. Pvt are profit driven and govt to bs jante hi ho.

Member 1

  1. Tell me some of the eastern up cities. As soon as i said varansi he stopped me.
  2. What makes varansi so special
  3. is there a cruize started recently( i missed it in last questn😁)
  4. Does it have a wider benefit or symbolic only.
  5. Whats your take on temple development in varansi.
  6. And on ayodhya
  7. and on mathura😐( here i told about the protests by locals)
  8. Ramcharit manas controversy in up. What was it.( didnt ask the opinion only the issue)

Member 2

  1. about madarsa controversy( 😐 bs hindu muslim jyada ho rha tha to mai backoff kr gya)
  2. UP also has the famous sunni centre ( said sorry )
    Some more questn on religious lines dont remember.

Member 3

  1. So you play badminton, tell me how india is faring in badminton.
  2. Why we have now started winning( i also mentioned post 2012 saina nehwal medal popularity increased)
  3. Didnt we win before Saina ( i told 2 All England winning of P Padukone and P Gopichand)
  4. CHAIRPERSON asked so if we are winning since 1980s why only popular now. ( i mentioned P Gopichand Academy)
    Then he asked you know who coached Gopichand ( i told P. Padukone)
    And he also has a academy older than gopichands then why is he is not that famous ( i answered, he seemed satisfied)
  5. Again member 3 continued..
  6. Prakash padukone also has a daughter. Do you know him?
  7. Was she good at badminton too.
  8. (Then he said she left badminton for acting just as you left mechanical eng. For civil services and they all started laughing.)
  9. Asked about Gopichands daughter too.
  10. coach of saina nehwal. ( i told initially gopichand)
  11. He asked after him(i told vimal kumar)
    Lets talk about lucknow.
  12. What is so peculiar about its Tehjeeb.( also told a joke)
  13. There is a place in Lucknow where you may get lost. Do you know it( bhulbhulaiya)

Member 4

  1. What is egyptology( daf)
  2. How do we know about ancient egypt
  3. How was there language deciphered. ( wanted to know about rosetta stone)
  4. Indology vs egyptology
  5. Why egyptian civilisation died and indian is still alive.
  6. can we use the egyptian modal of toutism in india? Will it work?
  7. asked to compare kashi vs cairo but then said leave it since you have not been to cairo.
  8. issue of migration from up to maharastra. What is the plus point of this migration for both.( socio ghusa diya maine)

All the best. U may go.

Note– No intro
No why ias etc
Didnt even asked at last ” anything you want to say.”

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