[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #138 : Smita Nagraj Board, Sociology Optional, Karnataka Home State

Date of Interview: 23 feb 2023
Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Karnataka
Hobby: cooking, learning mixed martial arts, Bike Riding, Mysore,
Background:  NABARD, BE in electrical and electronics(no question)


  1. Is this your first interview? I told third good we ll move directly to question then as you are aware of the process and formalities.
  2. How to resolve belgaum dispute between karnataka and maharashta.
    Some cross question on why frequently dispute arises what more can be done? Should there be a referrendum? Do you really believe that people will elect such leaders?

Member 1

  1. what do you like to cook?
  2. Why so much importance to millet? Why is it important from diet point of view?
  3. Tell me innovation done in mysore that may have changed warfare? I told Rockets by Tippu sultan.
  4. What is your opinion on Tippu sultan? Why so many different opinion on him?

Member 2

  1. why harley davidson exited india?
  2. Mumbai, Bangalore has so much traffic issue dont you feel frustrated while going to office every day in that traffic?
  3. Impact of university common enterance exam?

Member 3

  1. long monologue on perception of India in south east asia. Why india s image as weak in capacity to implement but good perception in terms of soft power? What needs to be done?

Member 4

  1. what martial arts included in olympics?. Why less medals?. Which sector do you see more medals in future?
  2. Jawed akhtar’s comment in pakistan. Do you think it is true?. I said yes and added to few points of what Jawed akhtar said. He got a standing ovation do you think Pakistan s people is changing?should we open talks with pakistan to peace?

Member 5

  1. inter state water dispute? Why has it been long standing issue?. Why we could solve indus water issue with pakistan but not resolve issue between karnataka and tamil nadu?
  2. What are the Issues arising out of demographic difference between south and north?. I told migration he gave clue saying in new parliament building nunber of spacs is nore but seats less. I said issues arising out of Demarcation of territtorial constituencies.

Board was very cordial but were frequently monitored time but gave me sufficient time to answer each question but appeared to finish the process fast. Approx time:30mins

No Mocks but one 2 one discussion with Abhishek Saraf sir on Daf and issues faced during last interviews and discussion with Sayali Gaekwad, 2021 interview topper on framing answers and type of questions. Both helped alot in framing my answer

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