[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #139 : Lt Gen R. Shukla Board, Physics  Optional, Rajasthan Home State

Date of Interview: 24/02/23 4th to go in (out of 6) Afternoon
Board:  Lt Gen R. Shukla
Background: Computer science, IIT Delhi,
Optional: Physics
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: Swimming, Science communication
Achievements/leadership etc – Western music competition, Mentor in college

Experience: 40+ minutes, Mostly about vision and understanding of India related to DAF sections (e.g. Music -> Drug problem). Mocks are good for understanding shortcomings and slight course correction. Panel was cordial and cheerful after 5 minutes (except M2)


  1. Space tech and militarization
  2. Why india is lagging behind (ISRO?)
  3. how come people like Elon musk taking strides in space?
  4. 5g in India?
  5. What benefits could be seen
  6. Why is China using 5g to make police state
  7. Why is China assertive externally and domestically?
  8. What’s the change we see in China of past and today (Context November 20th meet of CCP)?

Member 1

  1. Why are there drug use in western Rock music enthusiasts?
  2. What can be done for drugs?
  3. What are sources of drugs in India?
  4. Any act by the government?
  5. Is India commerce friendly?
  6. What recent steps have we taken?

Member 2

  1. As a foreign tourist in India, what would be my concerns?
    (clarified if English speaking tourist or not – he said doesn’t matter)
  2. Japan had bullet train 25 years ago, with unified pass system, Why is Indian tourism not doing good enough?
  3. What organisation gives rating to education institutes? (I asked if he meant ranking) he said no.

Member 3

  1. what is dynasty politics
  2. Why is it bad?
  3. Isn’t it unfair to ask children of politicians to prove their merit more than normal candidates?
  4. What is the famous festival of Jaipur? (I said gangor fest)
    what/who was celebrated? (Said not sure)
  5. Only girls celebrate it? or boys and men too? (I said not sure but if it was up to me, why exclude yourself and not celebrate something? – *Panel laughs*)

Member 4

  1. What was your role as a mentor?
  2. Is the anti-ragging policy of IIT Delhi good? (I said yes and it is very effective, She murmers “doctrine of effectiveness” under her breath but does not ask more)
  3. What was the Mandal protest?
  4. What did we end up doing after the protest?
  5. Is there any other country with reservation policy? (I said not exactly like India, but reservation under affirmative action and power sharing is seen in various countries of middle east and west)
  6. She tells me about Australia reservation for first people-
  7. Is it ethical – putting trackers on children to check if they are going to wrong places or drug dens?
  8. Recent case of child who was orphan in Kerala (and spoke Malayalam) but had parents in Maharashtra who wanted the child back after discovering. The child does not want to go, what do you do?

(Difficult question! I said that the morals of consent are important here even if it is a child and he/she must be heard. If the parents are willing to provide for the child then on a temporary basis, compatibility can be tried.)

– Cross – Then do you think only rich parents must get the right to have their child back or poor do to?

Thank you, All the best your interview is over

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