[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #140 : Smita Nagraj Board, ecotourism, science fiction, Sports Hobbies

Date of Interview: 24/02/2023
Smita Nagraj
Background: BDS
Daf key words: ecotourism, science fiction, leisure time counselling, anti tobacco drives Best sportsman
First 2 members interviewed with mask on, rest no mask( m3 asked me to remove it


  1. What is ajay in ajay vision pvt limited? ( job )
  2. You did anti tobacco drives, but tell me about your opinion on state promoting alcohol! Is state promoting it by opening shops everywhere?
  3. Should alcohol be banned completely?
  4. Many cross questions.

Member 1

  1. Asked about old science fiction movies, which i was not aware of.
  2. Startrek? Yes, whats so unique about it?  Said no!( he said it exactly depicted the emergence of smart phones?
  3. Start wars? Said no
  4. What have you watched? Said snowpiercer, avatar, interstellar, lost in space, asked me to tell about the theme of lost in space.
  5. What is ecotourism?
  6. Why ecotourism more important in andamans

Member 2

  1. Audible but couldn’t understand his pronounciation
  2. Unethical issues in dentistry and as a DM how will you solve it?
  3. Schemes in your state covering everything from birth to death, don’t you think people will become lazy?
  4. Child labour issues in tobacco industry

Member 3 & 4

  1. Why best sportsman?
  2. Which sports? Said cricket, volleyball, 100mts sprint
  3. India Australia cricket pitch issue, pressurized me to accept that winning at any cost is more important, i said sportsmanship more important.
  4. He said do we play cricket for leisure or winning, i said winning, he said then what’s wrong in making pitches that suits us, I sticked to my stance.
  5. Rich countries used up their carbon quota, now asking us not to go for it, it’s our right no? ( I didn’t concurred with his views) forced me to change my stance, I politely said sorry I don’t think so, asked me to justify logically, gave him some justification.
  6. Your opinion on indias stance on ukraine russia? I said neutral and emphasised on peace and dialogue.
  7. He said, how can it be a stance, when india preaches vasudaiva kutumbikam, it should intervene, i said not taking sides aligns with the idea of vk, he said it can’t be , russia battering ukraine, i said in in foreign relations national interests matters.
  8. If you are PM , what will be your foreign policy priorities? Said improve bilateral ties with china

Overall cordial, light movements, but at three instances tried to exert pressure to change opinions. 99% daf , one current affair, that too russia ukraine.

Unable to decipher, how it went.

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