[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #142 : Smita Nagraj Board, Anthropology Optional, Telangana Home State, Cricket, Travelling Hobby

Date of Interview: 23/02/2023 , Afternoon 5th to go
Board: Smita Nagraj
Background: Btech Mechanical from NIT Trichy, 2019
Home State: Telangana
Hobbies: Playing Cricket, Travelling
Optional: Anthropology
4th attempt, 2nd interview
Time:  around 30 mins(but I feel it doesn’t matter at all)


  1. You are from Adilabad, then went to hyderabad, to trichy.. dont you like north india and you have travelling as hobby? jusitfy it
  2. Since you stayed in delhi after 2019, you must have joined coaching?
  3. Why didnt you join? you realised it is waste of time or you dont like it?
  4. As you enrolled in test series, does it really help? What about people who cannot afford?
  5. Difference between coaching institutes in Delhi and hyderbad?
  6. What did you learn from your college?
  7. If you are an introvert, how come you are confident now or whether you are faking confidence infront of us? (I said initially i want to fake my confidence but after conversing with you mam it is coming naturally)
  8. Why are you into this administrative stuff, You would have join politics?
  9. Why youth like you hesitate to join politics?

Member 1

  1. What suggestion would you give to person of age between 22-28 who want to travel solo all over india?
  2. I appreciate you used term ‘her’, then what will you suggest for girl who is interested in solo travelling?
  3. How will you rate your knowledge in mechanical engineering in scale of 1 to 10?
  4. Why did you rate such low? Do you think Nit trichy is failing to produce a good engineer?
  5. Why india is lagging behind STEM and people are packing there bags to fly to US?
  6. Solutions for this problem?

Member 2

  1. You mentioned that u came from backward district, how do you rate backwardness?
  2. Doesnt your district people feel bad that you pointed as backward?
  3. How did naxalism decreased in your district?
  4. You said thanks to telangana and central govt and YOu dont want to join politics?
  5. You come from JNV, then what is PM SHRI?
  6. What was the issue between telangana and Central govt regarding paddy during early 2022?
  7. What is this POlice merit scholarship? Why only to children of police personnel? DOnt you feel it is discriminative?

Member 3

  1. How did you prepare for this interview physically and Psychologically? he said i want answer from an introvert person bcs im also introvert
  2. Why air india ordered such bulky amount of planes? Dont they have it?
  3. DId you fly in Air india plane? ( I said i flew only once in my life that too in indigo)
  4. SO you persue your hobby travelling only by bus or train?
  5. There is death after life, but do you agree there is life after death? ( I said as per bhagawadgita there is transmigration of soul and death happens
    only to body and not soul and also with progress of science i hope we will definitely hack death and become amar one day)

Member 4

  1. Throughout course of history, Humans are binary being, one is strong person while another is weak and strong always wins? Do you agree
  2. Then India focuses on vasudhaiva kutumbakam which values every one are equal? how do you balance it?
  3. You mentioned meditation earlier, then does it really helpful to strong as well as weak?
  4. DO you become strong then, or you are weak as you claimed earlier?


  1. Anthropology study marriage, is it union between strong and weak partner? ( i said union between both strong in all aspect physically, mentally and spiritually)
  2. but practically speaking, our society accept one as strong and another as weak? ( i said if it is true then i suggest weak to do medidation and become strong like me)

Feeling – Felt more like conversation rather a question answer session
Utility of mocks – It depends on person to person and it just provide you confidence to speak infront of 5peoples

All the best!!

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