[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #144 : RN Choubey Board, Sociology Optional, Running/Vipassana Hobbies

Date of Interview: 23/02/2023, Forenoon- 4th to go
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Sociology ( Nothing directly asked)
Hobbies: Running/Vipassana
Time duration: around 25 min
Keywords: Iit/ Oyo/ Vipassana/ jagriti yatra/ startup/japan


  1. So you decided not to wear the mask ? ( I am turbaned sikh so could not put it on ear and staff did not allow me my own mask but take surgical over ear one in hand while going inside))
  2. Tell me about ur academic and work experience?

Member 1

  1. (South accent – could not make out words…ask to repeat but difficult to figure out)
  2. Ur view on Privatisation of PSU from employment angle?
  3. Adani – acquired cement company and shut it down. So it did not revive. Why it could not revive?
  4. How to take indian economics forward and compete with global powers?

Member 2

  1. You have done Jagriti Yatra . Tell me ur learnings?
  2. You did vipassana and it is perceived as way to passive living . Ur take on it ?

Member 3

  1. U know DRDO. Whats its mandate?
  2. Bofors Used in 1999 . Where was it imported from?
  3. Have they being used r replaced?
  4. Interlinking of rivers .What are the challenges?
  5. Tell me about inland water authority of India? Significance of inland waterways inIndia?

Member 4

  1. You worked in Oyo. It had a model due to which Oyo is considered a failure ? What is the model ?
  2. Specific issues of oyo vendors with oyo?
  3. Urban planning effect on compulsory travelling, occasional travelling and tourist travelling .
  4. There is ongoing protest again against triple talaq verdict in Kerala.Your views on it?

Chairman :

  1. We asked what we want to ask? Is there anything you would like to tell us?

Experience: I gave multiple point in answers so were long but they gave time. Extremely cordial Chaubey sir . One member Questions were difficult to make out due to accent even after asking to repeat.

Utility of Mocks – Good to get feel of interview , ambience and respect 😛 . Questions were different still go for One on one with ravindran sir, Vajirao and reddy, Byju , Vision Ias

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