[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #146 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Mathematics Optional, Cricket Optional

Date of Interview: 15th Feb, afternoon, 2nd to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: Chemical engineering (Iit Guwahati)
Optional: Mathematics
Work ex: reliance ind limited
Interview medium: Hindi (mains in English) 4th attempt, 1st interview
Hobbies: playing cricket, watching mediaeval themed period drama

Asked permission to enter, wished good afternoon maam& sirs, maam asked to take seat and remove mask & put in pocket

*Read out whole daf as usual including graduation, hobbies & achievement sections*


  1. What is STF(daf)?
  2. What are you doing since 2018? And how are you sustaining yourself?
  3. What is mediaeval themed period drama? (daf)
  4. Why only mediaeval themed, you don’t like ancient themed?

Member 1

  1. High percentage of MSME informal, what is difference between formal and informal?
  2. Don’t you think than it is not good both for employees and govt?
  3. Recent change in defn of MSME, what is new limit for micro industries.
  4. Do you think it will be disadvantage for very micro unit (enhance limit) as all incentives will be captured by medium industries?
  5. What can be done for micro industries promotion?
  6. How can we provide more credit to micro unit when banks are avoiding and PSL targets go unfilled.
  7. What is mudra scheme, how many categories under this? Is it collateral free or not? Who pays bank when loan not repaid.
  8. EoDB reforms mostly were taken by centre, what steps can be taken by states.

Member 2

  1. What is macmohan line & why china is not accepting it?(answer wasn’t convincing )
  2. Companies discriminating between new and old it’s?
    Do you think it’s justified?
  3. Why recent layoffs by IT sector companies ? ( Said cyclical process, covid lockdown- hiring , global slowdown-layoff)
  4. But then why is Microsoft & others investing million $ in some startup? (Said new technological development/shift , new skill demand )
  5. So then reason is this and slowdown/recession? (Said both reasons true)
  6. Is single currency domination ($) of intn trade and exchange good or bad ? Why its bad?

Member 3

  1. What do you understand by digital divide?
  2. Did you heard about digiyatra regarding airports management? (Said sorry sir)
  3. Do you know what’s is digi locker ?
  4. How to promote digital service among rural areas.? Follow up question ,What are you saying will take long time, how can we promote quickly ? Do you know about common service centre and what they do?
  5. What was your role in reliance? Which unit?
  6. How many petroleum basins are in india from where crude oil is produced?
  7. How many field under private sector and where ?
  8. Why are we not self sufficient in crude oil prodn ( said there is not much crude in india)
  9. Have we explored whole india ? Are we currently exploring? Are foreign companies also involved? Why not?
  10. Are we importing crude oil or petroleum products?
  11. Can we import Russian crude , process and sell petroleum products? Is it allowed? Can they be sanctioned?

Member 4

  1. Gave one situation. Your interview group have 6 people. Suppose you are leader of this group, and post interview want to visit some place in delhi but with one condition where ever you go, will go together. Suppose 4 wants to go for movie and 2 for some garden.
  2. How will you convince, which side you will choose , what if both don’t convinced, so you will force your decision, ( long counter arguments , Finally said sir right know i can’t thing anything other than this) Okay

Chairperson: okay * , your interview is over , you can go , all the best.

Duration: around 25-27 min
My Experience: went better than my most mocks, went smooth ( atleast mere ko to esa hi feel hua)

Mock utility: gave 9-10 mocks, better for improving answer articulation, shed hesitancy, right speed, Other than that not much utility because mock environment don’t match with final interview, focus in mock is more on different types of questions and daf coverage and flow/ backup questions is missing.
Still nearest to upsc environment was Chahal academy, worst exp(for me)- Next ias, chankya mandal (here problem was me)

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