[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #147 : RN Choubey Board

Date of Interview: 24 Feb 2023
Board: RN Choubey
Duration: about 30 mins
Note: questions are reframed as I do not recall the exact words of the members.


  1. Tell us about your educational background and work experience
  2. was black lives matter movement significant and if yes, how
  3. should the statues of the then-slave traders be dismantled from public places in europe even though some of them were philanthropists
  4. opinion on renaming Aurangzeb road to APJ Abdul kalam road in Delhi

Member 1

  1. what is your opinion on weaponization of history
  2. types of political parties
  3. criteria for declaring a party as a national-level party
  4. why isn’t news broadcasted on radios
  5. the lines “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the spring of hope….” from which book ( related to hobby/optional)

Member 2

  1. what is clean energy/renewable energy
  2. its types (chairperson chiming in : is nuclear energy clean energy)
  3. does the UN need reforms
  4. cow vigilantism. what? how can it be curbed?
  5. issues with organ donation in India (related to an NGO mentioned under hobby)

Member 3

  1. emigration from India – reasons
  2. changes in the Indian diaspora in Africa. famous Indian that came to India from Africa, and a present Indian origin figure who comes from Africa (Rishi sunak)
  3. something on a Kamrup ruler (didn’t know)
  4. mnrega – do schemes like these make people lazy and not look for work

Member 4

  1. RTI. what is it? is it compulsory for provide information in every instance?
  2. concept of magical realism (literature related)
  3. opinion on statue of unity – where is it? was it a good move to build it? how is it faring now?
  4. systems for waste disposal – what is the process and what happens to the waste collected?
  5. national company law appellate tribunal – what is it used for?

Experience in Interview: chairperson was very cordial. He was smiling throughout. Did not notice the expressions of other members, but overall everyone seemed to be encouraging and nodding to answers. They make you comfortable right from the start. some questions came from the daf, but most questions were asked on a random number of topics.

Utility of mocks: some questions on hobby and UN repeated (expected). otherwise, mocks were only helpful for getting some experience of facing an interview panel.

Good luck to everyone!

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