[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #149 : RN Choubey Board, Law Optional, singing Hobby

Date of Interview: 24.02.23; Forenon session; Last to go
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Law
Background: NLIU, Bhopal
Profession (if any): ex Civil Judge/ Judicial Magistrate
Hobbies: singing, learning Spanish, organizing event, creative writing


  1. Describe your qualifications and work experience.
  2. So you worked less than a year in the judiciary?
  3. Why did you leave the judiciary?
  4. Have you heard of Black Life Matters?
  5. Do you think a criminal like George Floyd should be made an icon? (I said he had served his sentence, and gotten a new lease in life… he did not deserve to die like that)
  6. You did not answer my question “should a criminal be made an iconic?” (I see why a criminal should not be made an icon. But a lot of black people are in conflict in law over there. That does not mean that they should be treated as such. He died while saying “I can’t breathe”. No one deserved to go like that.

Member 1

  1. Amazon supply chains. What are the positive and negative for India?
  2. Talk specifically about small stores and MSMEs.
  3. Let’s talk about Nepal. What are the problems. What are the good things in a relationship?

Member 2

  1. Let’s talk about our Neighbourhood. How are the relationship? What is it like? How was it improved? What are the steps?
  2. You mentioned resurgence of BLM. Civil rights movement were there earlier as well. So why do you think that happens?

Member 3

  1. So like creative writing? Not reading? Can you be a good writer without reading?
  2. Good that you used to read earlier. A lot of books are re-written censored. Do you know about it? Do you know any authors who’s works are so censored?
  3. What is wokenism?
  4. But the idea is age old so where did term come now?
  5. So it’s leading to people getting opinitated?
  6. Should it be allowed then. People having such opinions?

Member 4

  1. Do you know operation Vani?
  2. Do you know mission LiFE?
  3. What is cryptocurrency? How is it mined? What are the types of cryptocurrencies?


We are done. Is there anything else you want to talk about?
I mentioned few areas from my DAF.
He said tell us about it.

Then he said your interview is over. You may leave.

Your Experience: The board was very cordial but kept poker faces throughout. They asked multiple aspects in one go, whuch made for longer answers. It was DAF related (wrt service choice) and current affairs oriented. The questions were easier compared to mocks but the environment was far more intimidating. Overall UPSC is a different ball game altogether.

Good mocks: Chanakya Mandal Parivar, One-on-one session with Ravindran sir

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