[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #154 : RN Choubey Board, Anthropology Optional, Uttar Pradesh Home State

Date of Interview: 15/2 FN
RN Choubey
Optional:  Anthropology
Home state: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


  1. What is me too?
  2. Your opinion?

Member 1

  1. Pwd act?
  2. Favourite service?
  3. As a DM How can you prevent disabilities from happening ?
  4. What is roshni act?
  5. When was National Anthem adopted?

Member 2

  1. What is geo history
  2. Do prisoners have right to vote
  3. What do you know about Diaspora?
  4. Your view on their role?
  5. Do they have right to vote?
  6. Socio envmntal consequences of mining?
  7. What is ghotul?

Member 3

  1. To promote remote education android mobile or ipad?
  2. Kanpur tannery pollution? Wf?

Member 4

  1. Kanpur textile mill? Challenges? And current status?
  2. CSJMU(knp university) when estab?
  3. Current VC?
  4. Opinion on role of media and judiciary and geo-political impact of media?
  5. Have you watched BBC documentry?

Chairman- do you want to share or ask anything?

Interview went on for 14 min. Overall they were cordial.

Mock feedback-
Ksg was good. O2O were more
e helpful
Ravindran sir ( best experience- closest to upsc) and khan sir (KSG) helped alot.

Interview session by Utkarsh sir(SOMP were really good), Vikas Kanukollu sir(his insights were helpful in interview), vivekanand sir and kaptaan bhai helped alot.

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