[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #155 : Smita Nagraj Board, Sociology Optional, IPS , Shayari Hobby

Date of Interview: 27th February, Afternoon session – around 30 minutes
Board: Smita Nagraj Mam
Optional: Sociology
Profession: IPS
Hobbies and Interest:  Shayari writing, working on local social and environmental issues
Your experience in interview- Board on fire when IPS on chair 😄


  1. This Haircut showing that u r from NPA?
  2. How you celebrated ur success
  3. No Jolly way?
  4. Do u against Dj, dolby?
  5. Why tree plantation at Village?
  6. Elgar parishad, tracking people, introducing Spyware big chaos
  7. Planting evidences against criminal? Ur stand
  8. Person should given bail or not?
  9. Isn’t wrong to provide rights to criminal?
  10. Why should bail given to criminal that we know? Is it matter right?
  11. What is the Purpose of arrest?
  12. How should be arrest law? – liberal?
  13. Which cadre u r expecting
  14. Where you would like to see urself Bengal or Assam

Member 1

  1. Time allocated to Outdoor activity of NPA
  2. Purpose of Parade in the training?
  3. But police doesn’t work in team spirit and coordination?
  4. Assam marriage issue
  5. Isn’t police excess is there?
  6. Modus operandi to tackle this
  7. Adding pocso in child marriage FIR right or wrong?
  8. How people are surviving when bread earner is arrested due to child marriage?
  9. Why u r opting for IAS despite having IPS
  10. What is voice of consciousness?
  11. You wouldn’t feel u blocked one seat and someone lost it if you are getting into IAS ?
  12. Why IPS people keeping one leg here And other in IAS?

Member 2

  1. What ur life struggle taught to you?
  2. How this will be helpful in administration?
  3. Isn’t u think, U wasted human and social capital of mechanical engineering?
  4. Use of mechanical engineering in administration?
  5. Political instability in maharashtra causing development deficit! How to tackle it
  6. Relate above point to western maharashtra vs other underdeveloped region

Member 3

  1. Again why IAS?
  2. Social prestige of ias vs ips
  3. How you will replicate cooperative model of maharshtra in Bengal and Assam?
  4. Long discussion on above topic
  5. Cultural differences may cause problem? Ur view
  6. U Didn’t join foundation course?

Member 4

  1. How we can improve Bad image of policing?
  2. What are two things u like about NPA training?
  3. Two things u want to improve about NPA training?
  4. Modern policing mandate
  5. Last mughal emperor?
  6. Two shayar at his court?
  7. Name of Mughal emperor under which maratha empire worked?

Chairman – with smile, Holy pdf ur interview is over, Thank you!

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