[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #156 : Lt Gen R. Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, cricket Hobby

Date of Interview: 28 February 2023 (Afternoon session) 5th to go.
Board:  Lt Gen R. Shukla
Optional: PSIR
Profession (if any): Government sector (state pcs)
Hobbies: cricket (nothing asked)


Read qualifications and work experience.

  1. Why didn’t you choose your engineering (ECE) as an optional. Why PSIR?
  2. What do you understand by Rules based international order?
  3. Is it being followed in contemporary times?
  4. China’s 9 dash line. Why important to China?
  5. How did it come into existence? (Did not know)
  6. China was taken to ICJ regarding 9 dash line? Did it follow the rulings.
  7. What is 12 nautical miles? Can warships enter this region? What can be the extent to penetration of other countries warships?
  8. USA has certain number of ports near Chinese borders. So is China’s aggressive stance on this justified?
  9. Should there be negotiations for a Rule based international order?

Member 1

  1. Your learnings as an ECE engineer?
  2. Since you opted for software sector as your first job, what could be done to improve employability in core sectors?
  3. Cross questions on this.
  4. What are your views on Electronics industry in India.
  5. What can students do more to become employable?

Member 2

  1. As you are working as a District level officer, what digitalisation have you witnessed?
  2. Scheme wise : which schemes have come online and which are yet to come?
  3. Why is it taking time to digitise the schemes?
  4. What is your role in implementing schemes on ground.
  5. Is there proper Digital penetration in rural areas?
  6. Why not?
  7. What are government efforts for the same (did GoI involve any company for rural internet penetration).
  8. Some question regarding use of electronics and communication in sports.

Member 3

  1. What is ODOP and what are it’s benefits?
  2. When did ODOP start?
  3. Won’t other product producer feel discouraged?
    Cross questions on this.
  4. Are any districts having more than 1 product under ODOP?
  5. What is that investment thing going on?
    (I said Global Investors summit)
  6. Are these investment being done in reality or just on paper?
  7. Is signing of MOUs enough? Why aren’t these being reflected on ground?

Member 4

  1. Started with Russia Ukraine war.
  2. Who do you think is the real winner?
  3. Where do you see the end of this war and what will happen this year?
  4. Is China an ally to Russia?
  5. Don’t you think China will also try to capture Taiwan?
  6. Comparison of US and China.
  7. US’s shooting down of Chinese Balloon. Does it impact US’s image on global forum?
  8. Ok my last question is what is female labour force participation rate in India.
    What is it in comparison to countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh?
  9. Ok one last one : what do you understand by gender neutral leave? Should it be implemented?

Chairperson: ok thank you. Your interview is over. All the best.

Experience in interview – good experience. Cannot say how it went.
It was around 30 minutes.

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