[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #157 : RN Choubey Board, Commerce and Accountancy Optional, Rajasthan Home State, Animal welfare Hobby

Date of Interview: 27th February, forenoon, 3rd to go
Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: Commerce and Accountancy
Hobbies: Animal welfare, Science fiction, Cooking desserts
College- No question
Home State: Rajasthan ( no ques)
Time: 35-40 minutes


Took my name and smiled. Asked me whether I have covid symptoms or cough. If not you may take out your mask and keep it on the table.
Explained it is a simple process, we are not here for cross examination, if you do not understand anything please ask us to repeat.

  1. Okay , what you are going to do when you do not know any answer? ( Said that if i am unaware i will admit that i do not know)- said excellent, young people like you should be honest.. because Honesty Pays.
  2. Let’s begin with this. Do u think we should show honesty because Honesty ‘Pays’
  3. So honsety should be followed as a moral principle?
  4. Tell the board about your education background and work experience, if any ( he asked this after the discussion on honesty)
  5. We don’t generally ask questions from Optional subject, but you are having
  6. Commerce and Accountancy, so I want to ask something
  7. Which accounting system does the government follows?
  8. Are there any issues in this system?
  9. Should the government shift from Cash basis to accrual system?
  10. There is Valuation of assets done in accrual system. Do you think it will be possible to value the assets in case of government?
  11. Tell me who is the authority in India to approve new drugs?
  12. What is the complete process of a new drug being manufactured, approved, and then coming to the market?
    Thank you:)
    ( Sir stood up after this and roamed behind his chair. He kept standing all the time till end)

Member 1

  1. What is going on with Iran – India?
  2. So there is India, Iran and Pakistan. How do you see these 3 countries geographically, economically, strategically?
  3. Chabahar port- tell something
  4. Agniveers -who are they? Purpose?
    ( Said Agnipath scheme in answer, Choubey sir interrupted and asked me
  5. what you just said? Agnipath? Is it agnipath? – said yes sir after a thought..both laughed..it was a pressurising tactic)

Member 2

  1. You talked about Chabahar Port – tell us why it is getting delayed?
  2. international north south transport corridor – how you see it in context of present conditions?
  3. Long monologue on Present world order, iran etc and used ‘sanctions’ word in it ..i missed addressing it.
    Chaubey sir then explained sanctions wala question again – do you think bilateral sanctions by countries against one another is the right way to establish a just world order?
  4. Member again- Should india deal with such sanctioned countries? Given our good relations with US, UN etc?
  5. Khelo india youth games- what is it?
  6. What is its components? How they are conducted?

Member 3

  1. I was looking at your daf and you have this hobby of animal welfare. Tell me why kuno palpur was in news recently?
  2. do you know about the cost of the project?
  3. Why we are doing it?
  4. what are the arguments of proponents and opposers?
  5. What will be the long term effect on the ecosystem?
  6. So there are many dog lovers, feeders like us :p. But there are also recent incidents of children being bitten by dogs. How to balance both?
  7. Chaubey sir again- i want to ask a supplementary question – What will be the policy changes you will make to ensure this balance?

Member 4

  1. So today is 27th feb, do u know what day is today? ( World ngo day)
  2. tell about NGOs ?
  3. their role ? Why they exist?
  4. Do you know there is an annual festival celebrated in this month?
  5. taj mahotsav. What might be its importance?
  6. NEP- Gender Inclusion fund is created under it. What is it?
  7. There are males and females. There is also a third gender. What its called? is transgender an umbrella term or is it a single term ?
  8. what are the problems faced by transgenders?
  9. Any schemes for transgenders? ( No mention of Reading books in my Daf) We read books. Tell us about any book you recently read? Its story and wht u learnt? ( Told about dark horse by nilotpal mrunal .have read it multiple times.) They got excited after listening that it was about struggles of a cse aspirant.
  10. Mam said so you are very much inspired by this book ( said yes with a smile)

Chaubey sir – Okay we are done asking. It was great talking with you. Now if u want to ask or share something? I am giving u Blank Cheque 😂.
Said no sir but it was a wonderful experience for me today.
Sir said thank you very much. All the best . You can take your mask and may go now . Your interview is over.

Experience – Board was cordial. Choubey sir was smiling but in between gave some serious looks also and was observing carefully. Lady members were very cordial. Kept nodding.
Mix of Daf and random questions. Was nervous in beginning, Said no wherever i wasn’t sure.

Utility of mocks- To Build confidence and just to know how to talk with some senior people. Ignore their useless feedbacks.

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