[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #158 : Smita Nagraj Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Anthropology Optional,

Date of Interview: 28th February, afternoon
Board: Ms Smita Nagraj
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
College: NIT Durgapur, West Bengal
Profession (if any): Product analyst ( worked in 2 companies)
Hobbies: Upcycling, journalling
Your experience in interview: Good
Keywords from DAF: midnight cafe, table tennis, data analytics, transport


1. Are you still working?
2. What did your last company do?
3. Is it really a startup because it’s work is of an aggregator?
4. Why the nano project was not able to set up in West Bengal? ( Not aspirational enough, didn’t appease the masses)
5. Market analysis would have been done by them then what went wrong?
6. Are EVs really clean? And the end they utilise electricity produced from coal?
7. Would you recommend people to buy EV? why?

Member 1

1. You worked in data analytics domain. What is the issue with data?
2. Give some examples of aggregator? Biggest aggregator in the world?
3. Do you know what is account aggregator? It’s use?
4. Why you left your first company?
5. What is corporate governance? How can we improve it?
6. What do you understand by governance?

Member 2

1. From what language is the word anthropology derived from?

What the words mean?
3. What do you mean by radicalisation?
4. What it does to the person?
5. How much sleep does a human being need?
6. So do you want people should sleep less as you started a midnight cafe in your college?
7. Have you heard of sexual harrasment at workplace? Did you face anything?
8. What are the provisions? Composition of POSH committee?
9. What is upcycling?

Member 3

1. What industries are present in Durgapur? ( Iron & steel and fertiliser)
2. Zero budget natural farming? Is it viable?
3. Name of the person who was awarded Padma Shri for natural farming?
4. Why is West bengal not developing?
5. Name some really good female table tennis players?
6. Why is table tennis not so famous in India compared to China?

Member 4

1. What are the pillars of digital india program?
2. Name four?
3. What is e- Kranti?
4. What is India stack?
5. Name some of the components of India stack?
6. Aadhar judgement? What has government done after that?

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any): mocks help in building confidence.
Nothing was asked from my home state ( U.P) and city.

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