[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #159 : Smita Nagraj Board, Gujarat Home State, web series Hobby

Date of Interview: 2.3.2023, Last to go
Smita Nagraj
Home State: Gujarat
Background: ICLS GST BOB Software engineer
Hobby: web series (crime comedy)


  1. have you joined the service?
  2. Where are you posted?
  3. What have you seen until now?
  4. what kind of complaints?
  5. is there any timeline to deal with them ? How many are pending until now?
  6. do independent directors play any meaningful role?
  7. what should we do to make them stronger ?
  8. which are the tax haven countries?
  9. why are we so held up in being ethical, legal?
  10. are we ethical.?

Member 1

  1. has SEBI playED its role properly in the Adani case? If they have played the role properly, then why has Supreme Court appointed a committee? Don’t you think it will undermine SEBI as a regulator ? Some back and forth here regarding the benefits of that.

Member 2

  1. some recent amendments in the companies act ?
  2. Why has registration of FPO been smoothened out?
  3. Is it from other companies what is the benefit of an FPO compared to farmers coming under a society or a cooperative ?are cooperative is not ethical?
  4. IFFCO Amul../etc then why FPO under companies act?

Member 3

  1. Why are crimes against women rising even after so many legal changes after the Nirbhaya case?
  2. Is it easy availability of weapons?
  3. What more should be done ? recent video of a car owner stealing flower pots in Gurugram why do people do that ? Can government do anything to stop such cases?
  4. The PSUs itself are not following the compliances of the companies act.
  5. What can be done to resolve this issue?

Member 4

  1. states have given up the power to tax after the GST. Do you think so ?
  2. What can the states do to increase revenue?
  3. States are asking companies to donate to their party coffers under the CSR funds? Do you think it is justified? Should we remove the provision of CSR from the companies act because of its ill effects?
  4. How will you use your knowledge as a computer engineer in civil services? IT portal is a headache. Maybe you can do something about it in future.
  5. Should government Levi GST on work done under CSR ?

Very very cordial board

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