[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #160 : Gen. Raj Shukla Board, Sociology Optional,

Duration: 27-30mins
Board: Gen. Raj Shukla
Optional: Sociology
Areas of DAF covered: Chemical Engg only


  1. How do you see India?
  2. Do you think the migration is increasing? So should we go for more towns or focus on rural economy?
  3. CM vs Gov — issues with appointment and how Judges are being appointed. Cooling period is not helping etc. The. What to do?
  4. Long discussion on how all the recommendations of Sarkaria, Punchi, etc have been implemented but still the issue persists. So tell me some innovative solutions to this problem.
  5. Any recommendations you remember of Sarkaria Commission?

Member 1

  1. (I was unable to listen to him properly. He has some speech issue maybe)
  2. You being a chemical engineering, what were you doing in an IT company as a chemical engineering?
  3. Do you know about Hindu calendar?
  4. Which calender do we follow normally?
  5. What is the basis on Hindu, Gregorian
  6. What is the basis of Islamic calender?
  7. Why Hindu and Gregorian calendar align with each other despite one following solar movement and other lunar movement?
  8. Why Islamic and Hindu calendar differ despite both of them following lunar movement?

Comment: Despite telling him Sorry Sir, I’ll have to read about it (from 5th question onwards). He kept asking me questions on the same theme. Idk what was he testing.

Member 2

  1. In which district do you stay?
  2. What is the range of AQI there?
  3. What is the safe limit of AQI as mentioned by WHO?
  4. What is the air pollution scheme followed recently? (NCAP)
  5. When was NCAP launched? And what are the provisions of NCAP?
  6. How many gases are measured in AQI?
  7. What are the reasons for air pollution in Delhi?
  8. What goverment is doing?
  9. Shouldn’t farmers be penalized for stubble burning?
  10. What about dust pollution in Delhi? How to reduce it?

Member 3

  1. Since you’ve done Chemical engineering, tell us what is the difference between Unit Process and Unit Operations?
  2. Where would you like to put Nitration process? Are you sure?
  3. What are some of the processes in Chemical Engineering like saponification?
  4. What is the pH of drinking water as prescribed by WHO? Told them that not sure about WHO but it is 7
  5. Is it really exactly 7?
  6. Is the pH of drinking water on the basic or acidic side as per WHO?
  7. How will you differentiate between hard and soft water
  8. What are Zeolites?
  9. Okay, let’s talk about environment. What is EPA?

Comment: Very factual. He was smirking throughout as if he was getting joy every time I said sorry, Sir.

Member 4

  1. (Lady member and the only one who was nodding and giving affirmation throughout, while I was answering)
  2. Since you’ve done Sociology. Tell me who is the father of Sociology?
  3. Is Sociology a science?
  4. Do you know that there is huge number of transracial adoption from India, Bangladesh etc to USA, Europe etc. What do you think are the issues related with this for the child?
  5. How can we improve the whole process for the child as parents, society etc?
  6. How many smart cities are there at present?
  7. How were they selected?
  8. Which is the implementing agency?
  9. What is the provision related to smart cities for March 2023? Any idea?

Overall Experience: The discussion with Shukla Sir and Ma’am was good but other than than it was mostly factual. The 3rd member made me feel very uncomfortable as he was smirking throughout which literally dipped my confidence.

Mocks experience: Experiences at mocks were good. Gave 3 mocks: Vajirao & Reddy, Chanakya Mandal, KSG
But mostly they were DAF based and thus I performed way better than what I did on the final day.

One to one with Vinay Sir was also good.

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