[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #162 : Gen. Raj Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, Formula Racing, Novels Hobby

Date of Interview: 02-03-23, 5th to go
Board: Gen. Raj Shukla
Optional: PSIR
College: ISM Dhanbad
Profession (if any): PSU
Hobbies: Formula Racing, Novels
Your experience in interview: Pta nahi, 22-23 min


  1. Every question with a long monologue
  2. Reason for Afghanistan Iran suffering conservatism or Geopolitics?
  3. Right parties doing good , will India move towards presidential form of Govt? Should we have Democrats vs Republic parties and remove all other?
  4. Were constituent assembly members wise and today’s leaders less wise ?
  5. Startegic Autonomy is useless. It will harm us, In 1962 we went to USA with begging bowl, so now should we allign ourselves with US?
  6. Constitution, Will of People and other constitution related questions.
  7. Do you think our foreign policy with strategic autonomy fail? Any alternative

Member 1

  1. Technical questions on achievements.3-4 questions
  2. Why you lost love for mechanical engineering?
  3. If made DM of your district, what will you do ?

Member 2

  1. Unemployment, data , way out ?
  2. Long gestation period issues of capital investment.
  3. How to improve social capital?
  4. Initiatives in budget for employment

Member 3

  1. Yeh sir kya aur kyu puch rha the…bhagwan Jane
  2. What is friction welding?
  3. How to do underground water welding?
  4. What is pyrolysis? It’s byproducts
  5. Plasma state of matter
  6. What is gasification and how it’s done ? It’s benefits.
  7. incineration Process.
  8. Waste to wealth

Member 4

  1. North Ireland, Ireland issues
  2. Windsor Framework will succeed or not?
  3. Difference between strategic autonomy and non alignment?

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Khan sir, vinay sir ka acha tha.

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