[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #165 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Badminton Hobby

Date of Interview: 02/03/2023 (Afternoon)
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Duration: 25 minutes approx.
Optional: PSIR  (No Question)
Background: Architecture (No Question)
Work Experience (if any): IT-Business Analyst, Assistant commissioner of state Tax – GST (No Question)
Key Words: IR, Badminton Articles, IFS, Gujarat, Uttrakhand, Tribe, Navodaya (No Question)
So, basically not even a single question from DAF or common questions like why civil services?, etc.  🤒


How should I pronounce your name? What is your first name?
we are here to support you and you can say no to those questions which you don’t know. You have to be very honest. Be relax and comfortable.

  1. Tell me about your educational background and work experience so far?
  2. How India gain foreign exchange reserves?
  3. How much foreign exchange reserves India have? Who keeps foreign reserves? How it keep? Cash??
  4. What was the amount of TATA Air India deal?
  5. Is it okay to have 120bn$ deal only by TATA alone? Won’t it deplete our foreign reserves?

Member 1

  1. Is abolition of planning commission is good? Do you support it? Why?
  2. What is NITI aayog? Full form? Objectives?
  3. What are the other parallel institutions created after abolition of planning commission to achieve those objectives?
  4. Which states are at top and lowest in multidimensional poverty index? It’s parameters?

Member 2

  1. Is it good to have Agneeveer scheme?  Do you support it or not? Why?
  2. Is logistics are important in disaster management? How?
  3. What is disaster management architecture in India?
  4. How many offices NDRF have in India? Why?

Member 3

  1. Has NDMA played any role during covid crisis? What? How?
  2. What is the difference between 5G, 4G, 3G etc.?
  3. How it (5G) is going to make difference? Don’t we have to replace all mobile phones? Won’t it create budget issues for all? If yes, Why we should bring it.
  4. How India is going to tackle the unequal regional growth?

Member 4

  1. There is Smart City policy, tell me what is a smart City?
  2. What are the policy parameters for smart cities? (Physical, digital etc etc)
  3. Khelo School games of India? What is it?
  4. Is it only for increasing medals for India? Other significance (Counter question)

Member 5

  1. This is all we have to ask you. if you have any questions for us, then please ask.
  2. I said No sir, Thank you.
  3. Interview over!
  4. I couldn’t recall 3-4 more questions or counter questions. Also, i have written down these questions based on my recollection of thoughts. Might not be in the same order or framework of the question might be different.

Your experience in interview-
Board was cordial and friendly. They were listening and observing everything. They tried their best to make me comfortable. Overall experience was good.

Utility of mocks (if any) – Good for confidence building and helps in preparing a diverse question bank. Also, helps in understanding of our reflexes during actual pressure situation. Mocks were mostly based on DAF, But actual interview went entirely on a different path

Just expect the unexpected. Confidence, calmness and consciousness are the KPI.

Best Wishes to everyone!

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