[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #166 : RN Choubey Board, Delhi Home State,

Date of Interview: 01/03/2023, afternoon, 3rd to go
RN Choubey
Background: B.Sc ( Biology)
Home State: Delhi
Work: in GST appeals
Hobby: nothing asked


  1. Remove your mask if you don’t have any covid symptoms. We are friendly people and want to have a friendly conversation with you.
  2. We want you to be honest, tell us clearly if you do not know anything. Nobody can know everything.
  3. Tell us about yourself in 1 minute your academic and work background.
  4. Focussing majorly on your work background
  5. Tell me exactly your work profile
  6. What is natural justice
  7. Long monolouge. Is natural justice anti thesis of contempt of court

Member 1

  1. Small monlouge. Can a person with kidney stones eat millet
  2. Can a person with hypothyroid eat millets
  3. Which millet production is highest
  4. Which state. Why
  5. Chairperson interrupted in the follow up question and asked next member for her turn.

Member 2

  1. What is watertable. Is it different from underground water
  2. Why water table is depleting. What can be done
  3. How much time top soil takes to build ( i said it takes a very long time)
  4. Land degradation neutrality target is 2030. Will India be able to achieve it (sarcastic as per my previous answer)
  5. How can soil erosion be prevented
  6. Percentage of women in India
  7. What is gender discrimination, equity and inclusiveness
  8. Sex ratio of your state and all over india

Member 3

  1. Tell me about Asean
  2. Tell about India- Nepal issues?

Member 4

  1. How is GST distributed with states
  2. Is compensation cess still levied
  3. Why sex ratio of your state is so low
  4. Specific reason

Anything you would like to tell or felt that we have left out.

The board was overall cordial. No comparison to mocks. It took almost 20 minutes. All were constantly keeping an eye on wall clock.
Utility of mocks: just for confidence building and to remain focused.

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