[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #168 : Smita nagraj Board, sociology Optional, Rajasthan Home State

Date of Interview: 03/03/23, last to go
Board: Smita nagraj mam
Optional: sociology
Home State: Rajasthan
Time: 27-28 min
work ex : (kaam de do koi pls🥹)
keywords: MNIT


u have gained some weight ?
me : This photo was clicked few days back ( 🥲🥲🥲 pani se bhi weight badh rha h 🥲)
Chair : Don’t mind it ,
chair: what are u doing these days ?
me : (avoided copy evaluation , as mam ne grill kia tha kisi ko )
Chair : Ur name reminds of our soft power , do u consider bollywood as soft power
me: yes mam , culture , affinity , etc etc
mam : does bollywood show our culture
me : ( fass gya , ) said something mam nodded
mam:do u watch movies
me: (sci fi dekhta hu vo Indian shi nhi banate) Not much etc etc
mam: still ur fav movie
me: shushant movie about college life v etc etc (chichore ab yaad  aai)
member 2 : kai poche
me: no sir sharrdha bhi thi usmai(🥰🥰🥰)
member 2: that is kai poche
me: 😐😐😐😐
mam: Sushant ki death m itni arrest vagerah kyu hui thi .
mam : social media – info / misinfo
me: (balanced like everything should  thanos ka bhatija🫠) upto us to verify
mam: how will u control narritive , in case of law and order issue will u cut internet
me : shuru m kaat denge , local janta ko sath lenge , narrative bhi humara hi rahega
mam : thank u beta

Member 1

1.What is famous about bharatpur
2.which bird is that national park famous for
3.why is it not coming (bird)
4endogamy , exogamy
5., honour killing kyu karte h
man marrying man, who will produce child ( do socio analysis )
ispe lambi charcha
6. what is generation gap
7. how is it used for marketing
8. give example
(standard questions standard answers )

Member 2

1. MNIT full form
2. who was madan mohan malaviya
3. KK/PK malaviya kon the (i said sorry )
member : U don’t know this
me i will read
1-2  yaad nhi aa rhe

Member 3

(tried to grill par m jinda laut aaya )
1. What are MSMEs
2. why govt is focussing on them
3. issues
4. bus 2 hi ( yaad hi ye aaye )
5. credit ke liye scheme
6. why banks still not lending
7. ur suggestions for MSME

Member 4

1. inflexion point meaning ( ye galat bta dia although bol dia ki nhi yaad aa rha  🥲)
2. Independance par We went for public sector , was it wrong(nhi jab jaruri tha )
3. so where did it went wrong ( missed the bus , and now late to party )
4. what is current strategy (privitastion and divestment , benefit btane lga)
5. tell exact and clear cut
6. maximum number of units in trategi sector allowed (i said 4 or 5 )
sir: yes is 4
7 .current growth rate of india
8. growth rate needed to be developed nataion ( said sorry but gave amrit kaal data by 2047 -26 trillion )
9. what was china growth rate during its rise
10. do u think we can achive double digit growth ?

1. suppose PM call u( big smile on my face) , will u say exact same to him or will be just optismstic
me: mam , boluga ho skta h , bus bhadia h silght tinkering chahiye humko , and fir toh hum pakka bann jayege
mam: haste hue , u have  bureaucratic way of expressing
what will the tinkering ( emphasis se pta chala ki fass gya🥲)
me: proper implemnentation etcetc
mam: u cannot say that
me : Demographic dividend , 1-2 cheez aur
m4: this is too common say something new
me : as outsider of govt i feel our strategy and schemes are well thought off and if given a chance i will learn things in training and posting and that will give me better ability to  answer this(kuch alag sa yaad nhi aa
ya common point unko sunne nhi the🥲
ab yaad aaya blockchain ,AI,Quantum fekna h🥲)
mam : final is u will tell me about shortcomings if u find any
me : yes mam
mam: smiling , ur interview is over

thank u bola sabko

board was cordial , 1 member tried to grill


chanakya mandal

can give

to avoid
ksg , vajiram , chanakya academy , study iq,rau

one on one
khan sir , Aptiplus , vinay sir,kaptaan bhaiya

discussion with pooja mam helped a lot ( transformed answering style )
yo (hindi wale bhaiya ki best wishes)

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