[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #169 : Smita Nagraj Board, PSIR Optional, Rajasthan Home State, Web series, reading

Date of Interview: 22/2/23
Board: Smita Nagraj
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: PSIR
Background: Electrical Engineering
Hobby: Web series, reading self-help books


  1. Why don’t u just read books, web series gives a biased and narrow perspective?
  2. Differentiate between movies and web series?
  3. Which part of your personality you want to improve?

Member 1

  1. U read books, name the book u read on IR
  2. Don’t u consider Brahma chellany as hypo realist or hawk?
  3. Why u read his books?
  4. Is India really have any foreign policy on Pakistan

Member 2

  1. RRR dekhi h ( nahi dekhi )
  2. Pathan ha
  3. Tum MP se ho kya controversy h
  4. Kyu esi actor k sath Aisa hota h
  5. My name is Khan me bhi esi k sath kyu ho rha tha
  6. Movie is hit, don’t u think as a society we are wrong

Member 3

  1. U r from Delhi why low voting in Delhi
  2. Okay u are from Rajasthan steps govt has taken to tackle solar e waste
  3. 2 priorities of u to popularise EV
  4. Koi element Mila kya h , kaha Mila , lithium me kya special h
  5. Don’t u think we are late for Lithium, future me kya soch rhe h
  6. Sodium-ion battery ka kya jhol h
  7. Gf / wife h, how u tackle loneliness in your long journey of preparation

Member 4

  1. Who is jon mearsheimer
  2. Which big IR event is going to happen
  3. Next day which summit is happening
  4. What the agenda
  5. Why despite will of West and East, we are not able to resolve debt crises
  6. Which international mechanism to resolve debt crises
  7. Are self help books really part of literature

Board – the tha sajjan log lag rhe the , aaram se answer complete karne de rahe the

Utility of mocks – Dena chahiye, some repeatitive questions and framing of answers

Note – mask utarne ko nhi bola , no intro , no. why IAS

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