[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #171 : RN Choubey Board, Geography Optional, Haryana Home State

Date of Interview: 24th Feb 2023, Afternoon, 2nd to go
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Time: Aprox. 20 Mins
Home State: Gurugram/Haryana
Optional: Geography
Background: Bachelors in Architecture
Hobby (in DAF): Dry Pastel Sketching, DIY Repairs, Learning about electronic Gadgets
2nd Interview, Recommended for services in CSE 2021


1. In 1 minute, tell us something about your academic background.
2. What kind of freelance work did you do?
3. Macro-indicators of our economy, GDP rate and Growth rate are measured at nominal rate or real rate?
4. Tell us a major scheme related to health sector and mention its salient feature/s.
5. How much is the budgetary allocation for health sector in 2023-24 budget?
6. If you were health secretary, where would you want to spend the health budget, in PHC and govt hospital OR in paying insurance to private hospitals? And then follow up questions and discussion…

Member 1

1. some question, answer to which I didn’t know… hence i forgot the question as well.
2. Do you know what is EEE? (again didn’t know)
3. (after his explanation) Out of the three – Engineering, Enforcement and Education, which one do you think is the most important?
4. What is Junk Food? How do we stop/prevent people from eating Junk Food?

Member 2

1. Do you know what are surgical strikes? Surgical strikes done by India was a right action? should we take more such actions?
2. While starting any business, in your opinion, profit making should be the focus or rotation of the money should be focused more?

Member 3

1. What is Khaap? Do you think their existence is right?
2. What is CUET? Do you think it is a step in right direction?
3. In your view, CUET will reduce the importance of school education and specially class 11th, 12th? Will it lead to blooming of coaching institutes?
4. We hear about the phrase ‘Democracy is in danger’. Do you think Democracy is really in danger?

Member 4

1. some question again, answer to which I didn’t know… hence I forgot this question as well.
2. What is National Monetization Pipeline?

Chairperson –
– We have asked what we wanted to. do you want to say anything?
– Are you feeling comfortable?
– Your interview is over, all the very best for future.

MOCKS – Didn’t give even a single one.
EXPERIENCE – Pleasant. Peaceful. Inspiring.

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