[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #172 : RN Choubey Board, Anthropology Optional, Uttarakhand Home State, Cooking Hobby

Date of Interview: 1st March 2023 , Afternoon Session
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Uttarakhand
Hobby: Cooking


  1. What have you been doing nowadays?
  2. You didn’t take placements? Why?
  3. Ajayy Banga
  4. long monologue, don’t remember related to competition and brain drain

Member 1

  1. Ecofeminism
  2. Chipko movement
  3. Why famous chefs are mostly male but cooking is generally associated with women. ( some follow up questions)
  4. Who is GB Pant ji , contributions to Indian Independence movement
  5. Situational based question:You’re a bureaucrat in MOWCD Will you fudge funds for their welfare
  6. Follow up questions related to integrity

Member 2

  1. Let’s continue with integrity
  2. What is integrity?
  3. Qualities of a good leader
  4. What kind of leader are you
    (Gave 3 options) then some discussions took place
  5. Sustainable development, Green energy , National Green Hydrogen Mission, questions related to Hydrogen,
  6. What is electrolysis, explain process of Hydrogen extraction

Member 3

  1. Why women in hills are very hardworking ?
  2. Outmigration in Uttarakhand
  3. Ghost villages , causes and revival solutions
  4. Himachal , NORTH East, Uttarakhand development comparison
  5. Boosting economy of hill people solutions

Member 4

  1. I’ll ask a factual question, gave 2 hints and said an artistic personality lives there ? You might have visited mussoorie a lot , tell me whom I am talking about I said Sir , Ruskin Bond
  2. He smiled and Said yes
  3. Who’s he ? Tell me about him
  4. which all books have you read ? (Ruskin Bond’s)
  5. Name them , narrate a story , I gave some gist for the same
  6. Balancing development and environment in Uttarakhand, give causes and solution

Chairperson: Okay thankyou, your interview is over

Utility of mocks : Confidence building, some questions got repeated
Overall experience was good

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