[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #176 : RN Choubey Board, Philosophy Optional, basketball and badminton Hobby

Date of Interview: 03/03/23
Board: RN Choubey sir
Session: forenoon
Optional: Philosophy
Profession: Dentist
Hobbies: basketball and badminton


1.tell about your academic background and work experience.
2.why you want to become a civil servant.

Member 1

1.national dairy research institute  what it is known for.
2.How NDDB(dairy dev board)process work and hepled in operation flood.
3.how haryana cooperative works if compare to operation flood and where it happened.
4.other than research work,how nddb helping farmers and their income.
5.Is there animal census.

Member 2

1.which day is today globally related to human health and how it is significant
2.when last census happened, how it is significant and when will be next.
3.how do u see sports participaion of women in haryana(daf).
4.which other states significantly doing well other than haryana..in northeast…name sports person from northeast state.
5.tell only one significant solution for correction of child malnutrition.

Member 3

1.what is this balanced diet and components do u think people focused on it.
2.In recent years no.of cancer cases increased but death is not much,according to u which disease cause more no.of death globally and in india as well.
3.fires food awareness increasing more and more now a days…fibre biscuit and all…though it neither give nutrition nor absorb any nutrient..why then fibres are given
such importance.
4.whan eat antibiotics what impacts o n gut
5.which bacteria present in gut
6.what is probiotic and prebiotic what impacts of these products .
7.components of balanced diet
8.In india there is difference between food habbit..as non-vegetarian and vegetarian diet  what is the source of vit.b12

Member 4

1. how do u see agnipath schemes..tells its significance if any and if not as protest happened..should it be removed.
2.national education policy is being seen as a significant step still it has issues what are those
3.India and china relation how could be solved and if not what its impact
4.countries adjacent to India is being downfallling ,do u think India could save itself in such situations.

Chairman sir…do u want us to ask u anything else…i said no sir,thanku sir.
Sir said…your interview is over.

Mock utility….give you experience to speak but in upsc most of the questions from daf and current.

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