[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #177 : Smita Nagraj Board, Telangana Home State

Date of Interview: 1/3/2023
Smita Nagraj ma’am
Home State: Telangana
Work: faculty CTU


  1. Current job where ru working and work experience any.
  2. How India views different countries west, east and how it will balance in future.
  3. I see you write articles on foreign policy where do you write?
  4. Domestic we have have difficult and dirty politics and how are we speaking morally international.
  5. Diaspora and emigration
  6. Rise of right wing nationalism and how India should deal with it.

Member 1

  1. lady north east
  2. She teams Telangana
  3. How r they doing and its impact
  4. Composition (unaware)
  5. JNU is in news why
  6. Is the ruling dispensation against JNU?
  7. Compare JNU and Osmania university.
  8. Refugee boat sunk in Medetarianan? Why
  9. Why this route is used.

Member 2

  1. Migrants and refugee policy.
  2. Assimilation of refugee
  3. France vs India
  4. Fears of migrants take over
  5. Statistics used for false narratives (graduation).

Member 3

  1. Tribals
  2. Tribal university
  3. Primitiveness
  4. Compare north east and mainland tribes
  5. Challenges faced in teaching civil services to SC students.
  6. Digitalization access to resources can it be a leveler.

Member 4

  1. ex SBI chairman
  2. Compare Satya Nadella to sunder Pichai
  3. Leadership ability
  4. Who are stakeholders in a corporation?

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