[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #179 : Gen. Raj Shukla sir Board, sociology Optional, Haryana Home State

Board: Gen. Raj Shukla sir
no question on educational background
Hobby: poetry writing
Optional: sociology
Home State: Gurugram Haryana


  1. Is civil service your childhood dream?
  2. Why didn’t you join private sector?
  3. Why India lack on innovation?
  4. Some counter questions on this

Member 1

  1. How sociology is impacting people?
  2. Women empowerment, are women in today’s world empowered?
  3. So you write poetry say some couplets?

Member 2

  1. What all CSS schemes are reaching you village?
  2. Pm kisan nidhi which installment is due?
  3. Have you heard of ujjwala scheme?
  4. What happened in Gurugram g20?

Member 3

  1. why india lack in innovation despite western nations advancing in it?
  2. How would you rate gurugram as a smart City?
  3. How has urbanisation impacted the society?

Member 4

  1. Why is g20 discussing war when it is not it’s mandate?
  2. Some counter questions.

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