[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #181 : Lt gen Raj Shukla Board, Anthropology Optional,

Date of Interview: afternoon 3rd march
Board: Lt gen Raj Shukla
Optional: Anthropology
College: Osmania university
Profession (if any)-


  1. Multilateralism is at threat statement- your opinion
  2. 35 tn dollar…isn’t it too ambitious
  3. capex how is it good…why less exp on social indicators health education

Member 1

  1. How 35 tn dollar economy
  2. Waste to wealth example (daf)
  3. Red brigade(daf)
  4. digital india examples

Member 2

  1. Pubad 4 principles
  2. Kyoto protocol
  3. Montreal protocol…status of depletion
  4. 3D printing
  5. Swacch bharat issues how far we have tackled
  6. initiatives to make india self reliant

Member 3

  1. GI tags in state.who is the authority
  2. aadhar issue.what are the concerns UK govt has raised.Aadhar misuse give example

Member 4

  1. power position in  state
  2. poverty ratio state
  3. population male female ratio in state
  4. NBFCs … anyone in Village?

Chairman..your interview is over. Thank you

Your experience in interview- Not sure

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-ravindran sir session was helpful.Attended only that.

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