[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #182 : Lt gen Raj Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, Reading hobby

Date of Interview: 7 march afternoon session
Board: Lt gen Raj Shukla
Optional: PSIR
Profession (if any)- NA
Hobbies: reading Modern Indian history, research paper on Sentiment analysis, Model UN


1. Discussion on role of revolutionaries in Modern indian history.
2. Discussion over narratives in history
3. Does history truly repeat
4. How do you see future of history writing

Member 1

1. Continued discussion on modern history
2. How ruling regimes influence history
3. Narratives in school text books

Member 2

1. Discussion on my research paper
2. Use of AI in reducing pendency in courts
3. What are the challenges of sentiment analysis
4. Role of UN in peace process
5. What is double veto
6. Powers and authority of UNGA
7. what is article 352 and changes made in it under constitutional amendments?

Member 3

1. What are some unique features that make India a vibrant democracy
2.  What is Role of India’s secular structure in ensuring democracy
3.  A few follow ups
4.. Discussion on threats of sentiment analysis
5.Cambridge analytica controversy
6. Possibility of influencing elections
7. Ethics of using personal data in sentiment analysis and impaxt on democracy
8. Give a brief rundown of g20 presidency
7. Tell me about Caste based census and it’s pros and cons
8. You must be aware about Mandal Commission. Do you think similar situation can happen in aftermath of caste based census?

Member 4

1. What was today’s aqi
2. What is the importance of aqi
3. Give measures that are in place and what more could be done?
4. What is Gati shakti ?
5. Role of gati shakti in improving indian logistic sector

Shukla sir looked at everyone and everyone nodded. Your interview is over and all the best.

Your experience in interview:  Amazing. Very cordial board and a very discussion like experience here.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Chahal, chanakya mandal, vajirao and reddy, only ias, forum ias, Drishti IAS all good
O2O with Ravindran sir, Ayush sir, Vikas Divyakirti sir and Khan sir very good

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