[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #183 : RN. Choubey Sir Board, PSIR Optional, Rajasthan Home State

Date of Interview: 2nd March, Afternoon – 4th to Go
Board: RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Rajasthan
Profession – No
Background: IIT Delhi, Btech – Engineering Physics
Hobbies: Ques not asked


1. Please tell us about your educational qualification and Work Experience
2. What is the basic principle behind Health Insurance
3. If person does not get sick for 10 yrs and paying premium conitnuously, is it right if they feel that their insurance is waste of money
4. What is he/she get sick after 10 yrs with some chronic illness, and then the health insurance company stops providing further insurance services, bec now they will incur more loss? Is it legal ? What do you think ?
5. What about Crop insurance?
6. What is the ground reality? Are farmers getting adequate money?

Member 1

1. What do you think is the most used metal in the world?
2. ( Lady – India is top producer of Aluminium )
3. Tell me about it ?
4. Which all states produce most Aluminum?
5. If you have to setup an Aluminium factory, what all factors will you consider ?
6. Which country has largest Tribal population, as India has 2nd highest ?
7. Tell me few policies for Tribal Welfare ?

Member 2

1. What is BRICS ? What is the reason for formation ? What is current status ?
2. About Tension btw India and China ?
3. Reasons for India China issues ?
4. What can be the plausible Solutions ?

Member 3

1. Role of Pakistan in India China issues
2. Little About BRI and What Steps India has taken to counter BRI
3. What has Contitutional provisions about Tribals ?
4. What is Engineering Physics ?
5. Give example ?
6. What are the new tech being developed to Store harnessed renewable energy ? (I spoke about Li-ion Batteries ,as one the solution)

Member 4

1. What are Rare earth Metal ?
2. How they are now in increasing demand ?
3. Which all countries has Lithium Resource ?
4. What is the addition of labourers (in number ) in India each year ? Take a guess ?
5. What is the total number of Work Force in India ?
6. What is Women LFPR in India?
7. Is it more than Bangladesh or less ?
8. What is LFPR of Men ?
9. How in India can we increase the LFPR of women ?
10. What has NEP2020, mentioned about increasing women participation in STEM field

• We have finished our ques, do you wish to ask anything to us, feel free to ask
• Your interview is over, thank you !!

• The board looks cordial only bec their objective is to assess us and not to make us practice interview, so they just accept whatever we say to them – to analyse us
• The environment seems intimidating due to our expectations, but board tries best to make us feel comfortable
• Experience about happy go luck interview or Poker faced board, is out of ones control, maybe depends on our luck
• Overall, working on our Calmness helps the most

Mocks and O2O
• Mocks are for sure helpful, they kind of prepare us for difficult situation in actual personality test, Practice etiquette’s
• O2O – Helpful as we get an idea that things are within our reach, boost motivation

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