[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #187 : RN Choubey Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Economics Optional

Date of Interview: March 10,2023 forenoon session
Board: Shriman Choubey Sir
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Mazdoori Experience: 6 years in ITBP as AC and IPS (OT)
Time paas: Creative writing and Reading Hindi Novels.
Optional: Economics


  1. Intro with edu and mazoori experience
  2. comment about our neighbors on geopolitical and economics aspect. Srilanka, China, Pakistan.

Member 1

  1. how will u use ur knowledge of economics as an administrator in a district?
  2. Have u read Raag Darbari? I said no. Have u read Godan? I said I haven’t read
  3. Godan but have read Gaban. He asked the author’s name and I knew that.

Member 2

  1. What will u prefer lift or stairs?
  2. How did u come to the interview room by lift or stairs?
  3. As a finance secretary how will u convince for diverting funds from welfare scheme to development expenditure?

Member 3

  1. U have stayed fairly recently in jharkhand. So tell me why naxalism is there.
  2. What are the government interventions. Nd r they sufficient.
  3. Then he said so u feel government is doing enough but u didn’t talk about the education nd skilling.
  4. Tell me the difference between good governance nd ethical governance.
  5. Is Chinese governance model ethical?
  6. Tell me the difference between composition of National Security Council nd
  7. Cabinet Committee on Security. I said I don’t know to National Security
  8. Council and answered the rest. Then he asked who all are members of the
  9. Cabinet Committee on Security.
  10. Then Chairman Chipped in saying that u mean Chinese model of governance is good governance model?

Member 4

  1. Tell me one quality that u have which will make u a very good administrator?
  2. What is social forestry?
  3. What do u mean by change management?
  4. What is NRC? What is CAA? What is the difference between NRC nd CAA?
  5. Shud we have NRC for the whole country? Why people were opposing the CAA?
  6. What is saptarishi constellation.
  7. I asked her to repeat the question. Then she described it saying it’s ursa major in English etc etc.
  8. Then i said sorry ma’am
  9. Then again chairman chips in nd says what do u want to ask. Do u want to ask the English name. Do u want to ask the name of stars. Then she herself gave the answer.
  10. Chaubey sir then said your interview is over. All the best.

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