[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #188 : RN Choubey Board, Electrical Engineering Optional,

Date of Interview: 10th march 2023, afternoon session, 2nd to go
Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: Electrical Engineering
College: NIT Surat (nothing asked)
Profession (if any): Telecom Sector
Hobbies: (nothing asked)
Duration: 15-20mins
Keywords in DAF relevant to questions asked- Telecom


If you don’t have any symptoms remove your mask
1) Tell us about yourself in brief, describing only academic and work experience
2) What exactly you are doing in present jon?

Member 1

1) Do you think Intolerance is increasing in society. Issues of returning awards, comments from other nations etc. Asked opinion
2) When is Int Yoga Day? (Random, not in DAF)
3) Contribution of Ramdev towards Yoga?
Followup on commercial side of it.

Member 2

1) Should we focus on social sector too much? Opinion
2) Impact of banning Huawei, ZTE in telecom sector
3) Is India right in maximizing oil imports from Russia?
Follow up on: Does it means taking side of Russia in war?

Member 3

1) What is 5Gi ? Can it become global standard in future? What are issues
2) Govt plans to reduce fossils nd all still why high subsidy on Fossils, Crude etc
3) When efficiency of Solar is low, why to focus on it. How much is the efficiency?

Member 4

1) Hydro energy, potential? Should we promote? Issues related to it?
2) Why capital investment is necessary?

My experience:
Board was cordial.
Didn’t interrupt while answering and no cross questions.

Mocks help in getting over the anxiety of speaking in front of experienced panel and think.

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