[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #189 : Preeti Sudan Board, Walking, Online Virtual Football Hobby

Date of Interview/session: 6th Mar/Forenoon
Board: Mrs Preeti Sudan Ma’am
Attempt count: 5th Attempt, 1st Interview
Background: Instrumentation & Control(ICE) Engg
Hobbies: Walking, Online Virtual Football Competition
Duration: 25ish minutes

First one to go. Total 5 members, not a big room with the 4 members on their individual sofa chairs. Impeccably cordial and encouraging board. Felt like a really short interview imo. I gave elaborate responses, they didn’t intervene in between. Most of the questions were analytical. Felt like it was actually just a conversation with a natural flow and transition. It didn’t seem that they had readymade questions in advance barring one occasion with M4.


  1. Ma’am tried to comfort me and put me to ease by telling me that it was just a friendly conversation to know me, and I should be relaxed and free to ask them for clarifications if any.
  2. – So you were an Intern before and then a full time employee at the same company. What were your roles?(PMIC subdivision, PowerON module as an intern, Clocks module as an employee so cellular connectivity ensured in mobile systems during concurrencies)
  3. – Why have we been experiencing call drops of late?
  4. – Physical towers might be replaced with superior tech soon. What’s the expected timeline in your opinion?(I told her that my knowledge was rudimentary and I can’t give an informed estimate, she accepted the response with an encouraging “Fair enough”)
  5. – So you participate in Online Virtual Football Management Tournaments. Elaborate.
  6. – Do you play football IRL?

Member 1

  1. – You sound really articulate and I’m impressed by your structured and informed thought process. Tell me, how will you use this thought process in administration?
  2. – From your profile, it looks as if you’re a Privileged Delhi boy who has good educational credentials, worked in a well paying job and who is now looking to come work in government for a new experience. What do you have to say to that?
  3. – Tell me honestly, why CSE?
  4. – This is a good response but a typical response we occasionally hear. Tell me what you can add to the administration with your academic credentials.
  5. – EPL(Premier League) is flushed with money. What do you have to say about that?
  6. – So does money matter?

Member 2

  1. – How will you use the knowledge of instrumentation and control in administration?
  2. – Delhi pollution, how to solve?
  3. – Use of data in handling pollution?
  4. – Are you aware of the recent issue surrounding data related to kids/minors?
  5. – C emissions, what should be the response?
  6. – Any specific fund catering to this problem?

Member 3

  1. – So you spoke about EV in your response to pollution problem, how to encourage EV usage?
  2. – Can you see India moving to exclusively EV based ecosystem in the next 5 years?
  3. – Shouldn’t govt create a complete charging ecosystem prior to pushing for EV? Why/Why not?
  4. – Will EV also push the envelope of vehicular safety and telematics further?

Member 4

  1. – Every citizen whether rich or poor needs govt support. What can govt do better for citizens, give me some 5-6 reforms required and how to realise them on the ground?
  2. – Speak for a minute in support and against the statement “India will get old before it gets rich”.


– Your Interview is over, you may leave-

While i was getting up forgot my mask on the table, I was reminded to pick it up by by M1. I politely thanked him for reminding me. I also wasn’t able to locate the crease of the door immediately while going out due to curtains and a good camouflaging paint xD.

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