[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #19 : RN Choubey Board, Geography Optional, Haryana Home State, Cricket Hobby

Date of Interview: 2nd February 2023, Afternoon Session
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Home State: Haryana
Background: Physics
Optional: Geography
Hobbies: Stargazing, Flute, Cricket
Other Keywords: Police, CAPFs


  1. You had lunch today? What? ( I said Poha). That is a breakfast item. We will arrange something for you. Please tell us.
  2. Tell us your academic background and work experience. asked about delayed joining.
  3. Asked about the reorganisation of states and what was the criteria .
  4. What were the criteria used after that. Can you list them.
  5. I mentioned development. So do you think we should create states like Marathwada or Bundelkhand? (Told them need to have more idea about exact development status to have a concrete opinion)
  6. Popular opinion needs to be considered? Some political parties will always garner public sentiments.

Member 1

  1. Adani withdrew FPO. Consequences on the Indian market. Told one (hawa me). About debt situation due to this (Sorry Sir No idea)
  2. What is event horizon in blackhole.
    This is a layman defination. Tell us the technical defination. ( Said Sorry)
  3. What is Solar Cell. How does it work? (not satisfied)
  4. What type of Stargazing you do? What do you see? Where do you live because it’s difficult in Delhi. What are the possible hindrances in visibility.
  5. You play flute? Got any training? (Said no)
  6. Tell me about a few raags (told that I just know the name and not technical details)
  7. Name a few flautists and tell us about them.

Member 2

  1. America got independence using military methods. Why not India? And counter questions.
  2. How much was the time gap between American independence and 1857 Revn. Do you think it is sufficient time for technology to evolve? Don’t you think technology is evolving slowly these days?

Member 3

  1. You talked about states. Can states secede India?
  2. Who coined this term indestructible union of destructible states (said Sorry)
    The Chairman interrupted and asked about American Federation.
  3. Can American state Secede? One state that tried secession.
  4. When was AIIMS Founded. Who founded it and why was it Founded.
  5. Have you seen Saptarishi. Can you name the Seven Rishis and their importance. (named all 7 Said sorry sir No idea about individual contribution but can tell you about Rishi Vashistha. Told him that)
  6. This is very ancient. Tell me something recent. (Said Sorry)

Member 4

  1. Is Delhi a UT or What?
  2. What is the difference between Delhi, Puducherry and Haryana?
  3. What is surface runoff. What are its consequences. How to control this.
  4. How can we control it apart from agriculture.
  5. We enjoyed talking with you. If you want to tell us about something that we have not asked. Please go ahead.

Mocks :
Good – Chahal, Chanakya Mandal, Ravindaran Sir O2O, Khan Sir O2O
Okayish – Only IAS, Unacademy, KSG

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