[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #191 : Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Board, Haryana Home State,

Date of Interview: 10th March 2023, Forenoon, Last to go
Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Sir
Background: MBBS
Work Ex: Medical Tourism (assistant manager)
Home state: Haryana
Attempt: 2nd Attempt, 1st Interview
DAF keywords: Diploma in International Relations, Model UN, South China Sea, Mental Health, Youtube, turncoat debating

Overall Experience: felt like a nice conversation. Hoping for the best!


1. Where do you see China’s internal politics headed?
2. What is Left left right in chinese politics?
3. How do you see Chinese foreign policy in the coming years?
4. Our EAM is saying there is no trouble with china. Do you agree?
5. Do you think this is the end of China’s Hide and Bide?
6. Why has China settled its border disputes with most countries but not with India?
7. Is economy the only factor in conflicts? EAM is saying they are the larger economy.
8. What is India’s model of secularism?
9. Is the west also embracing religions now or is there a different model of secularism there? Which country?

Member 1

1. Ours is a welfare state. Why are the prices of medical drugs so high and what can be done about it?
2. Discussion on compulsory licensing
3. Discussion on parallel import
4. What is borand exemption? (couldn’t hear this properly)
5. What is the government doing to reduce the price of drugs?
6. Don’t you think it would be better to negotiate with the pharma companies beforehand rather than giving patents?

Member 2

1. What is turncoat debating?
2. Do a turncoat debate on the topic: The government that governs the least is the best government.
3. What is habeas corpus?
4. When was it suspended?
5. Who was the dissenting judge?

Member 3

1. You are from Haryana. What do you think of Khap Panchayats?
2. As a doctor, what would you like to say about sagotra marriage and intercaste marriage?
3. What do you do on youtube? How many subscribers / hits are on your channel?
4. Why did you start discussing mental health?
5. What is the G20?
6. India’s G20 presidency and priorities.

Member 4

1. What is your opinion on internet shutdowns? What purpose do they serve?
2. SImultaneous elections and discussions on that.

Chairman sir:
1. Why is there a divide between the global south and the G20?
2. Don’t you think in Russia Ukraine war, Global South should have gone with the underdog Ukraine?

Thank you, your interview is over.

Utility of mocks :
Nothing like the real experience, there is much more stress there.
However, they do help in framing your thoughts. Good ones : Chanakya Mondal Pariwar, Chahal Academy, Unacademy, Civils Daily.
Samkalp was okay
Avoid: IAS gurukul
O2O: Very helpful (all 3 of them were extremely helpful. best experience was these 3 one to ones.) Satyam Jain sir, Kaptaan bhaiya (interview was on the lines of his O2O session), Atish Mathur Sir.
Discussion with my friends group helped the most.

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