[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #192 : RN Choubey Board, Law Optional

Date of Interview: 10 March 2023 Afternoon (2nd last to go)
Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: Law (not relevant)
DAF and Hobbies: Not relevant
Time: 25-35 min (didn’t realize how time went by)


Here just for discussion and enjoy conversation….
Take off mask

1. Monologue on Parliamentary form and its issues of corruption and freebies. Why shouldn’t we have presidential system like USA

2. Even though India diverse country, there is only one PM at the end. Why shouldn’t we experiment with PM being elected directly by people for next 20 years, while still being accountable to Lok Sabha (which is elected separately)?

3. Discussion on freebies – what is a good freebie and a bad freebie

Member 1

1. What is the contribution of Madan Mohan Malaviya?

2. Prodded to say who established BHU?

3. Tell 3 ranks above and 3 ranks below Brigadier

4. Poverty in India but still be invest in expressways, bullet trains and space programme – how do you react?

Member 2

1. Theory of evolution v. Theory of creation in determining progress of a race/ society. What is your opinion?

2. Should we have dual citizenship to curb menace of Brain Drain?

3. If you are CEO of a company, which one would you prioritise – customers interests or companies interests?

4. If you are an Indian diplomat in UN – how will you convince P5 members to give up their veto?

5. Should judiciary be involved in legislative process according to you?

Member 3

1. Was India’s response post Pulwama justified? Doesn’t it risk escalation of conflict to war like Ukraine-Russia where people would suffer?

2. Should the risk of escalation be a factor for India while determining its response?

3. Views on Quad engaging in Malabar exercise – should India be careful about antagonising China?

4. What are the concrete examples of work of Quad other than military exercise?

5. Problems of urban development in India and solutions?

6.  Cybersecurity – trusted v. Not trusted vendors list for equipment

Member 4

1. Took me back to example of bad freebie I cited (Chairman interrupted and said that we respect his opinion) – why do you think its a bad freebie

2. If you are in charge – how will you fix it

3. MNREGS – is it a freebie? What do you think about it?

4. Space program from earlier question – what was the discovery by Chandrayaan I mission?

We have asked what we wanted. Is there anything you would like to share with us?

My experience:
Overall a very cordial board with no interruption or in depth grilling. Chairman seemed attentive as he jumped in a couple of times during my responses.

Utility of mocks:
Quite useful in building confidence and give balanced responses.
Obvious errors are weeded out – make all mistakes in mocks so that final interview goes well.
I went for multiple mocks to get the privilege of talking to experienced bureaucrats and diplomats – they’ll themselves give some perspectives which are unique and useful.

All the best everyone!

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