[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #193 : Smita Nagraj Board, History Optional,

Date of Interview: 9 feb 2023 (morning session last one to go)
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Optional: History
College: government engineering college ujjain
Profession (if any)- no
Hobbies: waste to craft making for home decore

good morning beta…
Please baithiye beta…
Small conservation on saree…


1- your hometown related to tendu leaves.. Tell me about issue faced by tribes related to tendu leaves?
2-  tell me 3 most vulnerable section of our society I said ( tribe, women, children… She said no no tell me specific you cover around 60% of our population, as north east tribe so prosperous… Tell me something specific?
3- issues related to tribal people? ( I used word rural indebtedness)
4- u said rural indebtedness. So tell me issues behind this problem that money landers has reach to tribe and our government has not??
5- u know about art 370 .? Why challenged in sc?
6- you know other provision of our constitution same as art 370
7- why 370 abolished and 371not?
Ok thank you ….

Member 1

1-  ap bhi consumer aur me bhi consumer right.. Tell me something about consumer rights?
2- apne suna hoga na aj ka news jisme ek lady consumer ke hairs kharab kr diye aur arround 2 crore ki penalty lagayi h…… How can you see this news?
3- Do you think  this much penalty is good??
4- so u believe in deterrence  policy ( I said definitely no ma’am but ma’am according place and time ….hme ye bhi  krna hi padhta h )

Member 2

1- tell me something about gst ?
2- how many slabs in gst?
3- you know luxury goods sin goods are in 28% slab… So  what is your opinion about cement ? should it comes under 28℅ slab or not ?
4- i said no  … Why not?
5- what is your opinion about women reservation in legislative Assembly and panchayat level ( mentioned I am not talking about parliament )
6- why and what are the pros of women reservation at panchayat level?
7- what is technical difference between chatgpt and bard ?

Member 3

You read history as your optional… I said yes sir

1- what is india according to history?
2- what is challenges of integral india?
3 – tell me one lesson from history which you learnt and also relevant in today’s scenario?

Member 4

1- On what basis the Constitution of India recognizes minority status?
2- are you sure only religious and linguistic basis?  What about Cultural basis ?
3- you know states too can define minority status…..And center has different list of minority people? What is your opinion ??  Ye sab different different level pr status define krne dena chahiye??
Ok  interview is over
Thank u
God bless you beta… Ap ja sakte h
I said thnk u ma’am.

Your experience in interview- very cordial and amazing experience.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- samkalp mocks helpful

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