[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #23 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Sociology Optional, Punjab Home State, Doodle art, jogging Hobbies

Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: (2021)- humanities
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Punjab
Hobbies: Doodle art, jogging, Secretary, legal literacy club
Geog quiz contest Mun women safety and security


  1. What were you doing from 2021?
  2. are you not planning to do post graduation?
  3. discussion on edtech sector
  4. (Bcoz of answer to the previous question)
  5. why byjus growth declining?

Member 1

  1. drug issue in Punjab reasons
  2. migration outside Punjab reasons
  3. as dm how would you nudge farmers for crop diversification
  4. rest questions I don’t remember

Member 2

  1. Bihar up migrants in Punjab ……
  2. What are the demographic changes brought about by it – sociological analysis.
  3. contribution of Punjab in India’s history.
  4. area being sown under different crops in punjab
  5. rest questions I don’t remember.(sorry for my short term memory)

Member 3

  1. what do you know about South India?
  2. rivers of South india-enumerate state wise
  3. difference between women safety and women security
  4. provisions of posh act

Member 4

  1. Why “humanities” subjects called so?
  2. What govt doing for drinking water security?
  3. Why the contribution of househelps not included in GDP.?
  4. Rest I don’t remember


  1. activities under legal literacy club.
  2. I mentioned several laws like pocso
  3. So next ques – have you heard about posco.( Not pocso)
  4. Interview guidance sessions with utkarsh sir at SOMP really helped .
    Also one on one session with khan sir and vinay sir also helped a lot.

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