[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #288 : Preeti Sudan mam Board, Agriculture Optional, Kitchen gardening, Krishi Mela Hobby

Date of Interview: 19/4/2023, Session: Afternoon
Board: Preeti Sudan mam
Background: Agriculture
Optional: Agriculture
Hobbies: Kitchen gardening, Krishi Mela
Leadership: RAWE


1. What is RAWE, Duration, location
2. Learnings .&. Impact on Farmers.
3. What about accommodations in village?
4. Experiences from krishi mela  for me…and benefits for farmers
5. Recent visit to krishi mela ? for How many days mela is organized?
6. Famous about Shirur ? Birth place .

Member 1

1. History of Pusa institute
2. factors for green revolution
3. What steps taken  for green revolution?
4. Varieties developmed indigenously or imported?
5. Why in North india only?why not other areas?
6. Curriculum reforms in agriculture to get students job ready for private sector
7.why research level and farm level difference
8. Is research is taking faulty claims or not ?

Member 2

1. What are growing in your kitchen garden?
2. Tell me shotest growing leafy vegetable…duration of potato crop.
3. What about dhania
4.No. of Agriculture Universities in Maharashtra
5. Tell me names of all Universities
6. What are doing since your graduation?
7. Are you attempted MPSC?
8. Why you not attempted state civil services?
9. Horticulturalists who got padmshri?

Member 3

1. Crops grown in Maharashtra
2. Onion growing districts
3. Are we food sufficient
4 . Imports of vegetable oil
5. Wheat production : Total production,
India’s rank , top rank , why iran is not importing our wheat?
6.   What are phytosanitary measures?
7 .  What is Soil health card ? Is it for individual farmer? What recommendations are given ?
Who gives recommendations?
8. What types of fertilizers recommended?
What about urea ?
9. Are we self reliant in fertilizers?
10..from whom farmers purchase fertilizers?
11. FCI and NAFED  role . ..other than PDS..?..
12 . APEDA role ? Commodities?
13. Export promoting agencies about mango ?

Member 4

1. What is GM food?
2. Why are opposition  Bt brinjal ? Where it is allowed ?
3. What others GM crops ?
4. Bt ? Where it is grown ?
5. Full form of IFSC code ? What it indicates? RTGS  and NIFT
6. HDI indicators ? Indias rank & position in Asia? Top HDI state in INDIA and Why?
7. Meaning of Vitthal ( Fathers name ) i said god worshiped in maharashtra.
8. Who’s avatar is vitthal? I said lord krishna ? Tell me story behind it..
9. What is congregation of peole in Pandharpur?

Chairperson: Your interview  is over ..

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