[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #29 : Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Board, Bihar Home State, Reading Hobby

Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd.)
Optional: Sanskrit Language and Literature
Background: EEE, Bit Bangalore
University: VTU, Belgaum
Home State: Bihar
Hobby: Reading Bhagavad Geeta


  1. – You have chosen sanskrit as your optional and your hobby is Reading Bhagwad Gita
    Yes sir
  2. What is written in bhagavadgita apart from doing ur duty without expectations. Please tell us in 2 – 3 lines
  3. What is the use of different yoga written in bhagavadgita as the society is moving towards materialistic things?
  4. Students are moving towards STEM field, don’t you think there should be a balance between science and humanities subjects.
  5. Sanskrit grammar rules are applicable to every where, They r universal. which is not the case with other languages. Do you agree with this?
  6. No body talks about reading Sanskrit in school these days. What is ur opinion. Why is it so?
  7. Only in Bihar it is taught till 10th class. Is there any other states who is promoting Sanskrit in there curriculum?

Member 1

  1. – In defence sector, what are the efforts govt is doing in recent budget?
  2. What is the status of Atmanirbharta in budget especially in defence sector?
  3. Is Atmanirbharta means only to give projects to Tata and L&T?
  4. What are the products India is importing from other countries in defense sector?
  5. What are the things we are producing in defense sector under Make in India ?

Member 2

  1. You talked about Dharma. Then what is Rajdharma
  2. What is Rajdharma for bureaucracy?
  3. Public servants are using 55 employees in their bunglow? How will they meet people? Is it Rajdharma? How will they follow Rajdharma?
  4. you are from Bihar. Very populous state. Land holdings are very small. What r the steps govt is taking to solve the issues for small land holding farmers?
  5. Are FPOs working good in Bihar?
  6. Is it practical to combine lands to increase mechanisation in state like bihar where castes are prevalent? Brahmans don’t want to share land with lower castes, bhumihar don’t want to share land with lohars? Is it feasible to have FPO in Bihar?
  7. Then what r other options u suggest to solve plight of small land holding farmers?

Member 3

  1. what were the contribution of Visvesvaraya? Who was he?
  2. India has signed FTA with two countries recently. What r the names? What is the reasons for signing FTA?
  3. UK is negotiating FTA with India? How will it benefit India and Britain? Why Britain wants to have FTA with India..
  4. India and china are fighting at borders and still the trade is booming between both the countries. Is it justified? What r the reasons for this trade.

Member 4

  1. you are an electrical engineer. What r the provisions introduced in budget 2021-22 in electrical domain?
  2. What are the provisions introduced in budget 2022-23 in electrical domain?
  3. Do you know about distribution companies?
  4. Govt came up with delicensing of DISCOMS. What are the benefits of it?
  5. What are the new technologies in electrical domain govt of India is focusing on?

Thank u

  1. My observation – Shukla Sir board is very cordial. But it was very different than the mock interviews I attended. The five members of my board just picked 5 areas from my daf and current affairs. They just looked for balanced approach and not the depth of knowledge. I shared my transcripts above, though it is not the exact one but paraphrased due to memory limitations. It would be
  2. Better to prepare to handle unexpected questions.
    All the very best to others🙏🏻

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