[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #293 : Lt. Gen Raj Shukla Board, Rajasthan Home State, Trading Hobby

Date of Interview: 21st April
Board: Lt. Gen Raj Shukla sir
Hobby: Trading
Home State: Rajasthan


  1. monologue about millet, questions around Millets, why to promote its benefitsIs it good?
  2. How does it improve biodiversity?

Member 1

  1. why you want to be civil servant?
  2. Long discussion on this question

Member 2

  1. how will your hobby help in administration, long discussion on it?
  2. Issues with great Indian bustard?

Member 3

  1. Women in Rajasthan kidnaping cases, crimes against women.
  2. Global image of india as an unsafe country? Your views?

Member 4

  1. corruption in civil services? Your views how to control it?
  2. Why enrolment higher in private schools?

Chairman sir – thank you, your interview is over

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